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Glo y Cylch i Lerpwl.

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Ruabon's Opportunity.



RUABON POLICE COURT. To day (Friday), before A. E. Evans, (chairman) Messrs H Peel, R Pritchard, and R. R. Jones OCCASIONAL LICENCE, An occasional license was granted for i-ne occasion of the Horticultural how at Raubon on Bank Holiday next. CHILD BEGGING. P S. Fox charged Edward Jones, Afoneitha- road, Penycae, with sending his daughter, Louisa Jones, aged 10, out to beg. The officer said that on 16th June, he saw the daughter of the defendant begging in the streets of liuabou He spoke to the girl, and she stated that her parents had sent her out: to beg. Defendant in excuse, said that he had baen in poor health for the last six months, and had for a long time been out of employment. He had eight children. Fined L and costs. CEFN DLUJNKS. Thomas Aaron, Crane, Cefn, drunk on June 25th—fined 5s and costs Griffith Williams, Mount Pleasant. Cefn, drunk and bad language, --tined os and costs Evan. Jones, King-street, Cefn, drunk and bad language,. --tined 5s ",ict costs. RUABON OFFENCES. James Large, Tanvlau, Ruabon, for using bad lauguago, on June 25th, was lined 6d and costs Alfred Roberts, Forrester's Terrace, Ruabon, for being drunk and disorderly on June 20thfined 5s and costs Wm Edwards, Plasbenuion, drunk on Juno 25th-fined 58 and costs Wm Matthias, New Terrace, Rua- bon, for a similar offence, fined 5s and costs. PONKEY DRUNIvENESS. Edward Onslow, (junior) South Lane, Pon- key, was charged by Acting Sergt Harris, with being drunk on J une 25th. Defendant was fined 5s and costs. JOHNSTOWN DRUNKENNESS. Burslem Griffiths, Derby Terrace, Johnstown, was charged by P.C. Evans, with being drunk at Johnstown, on June 9th. The officer said he saw the defendant in a staggering state of drunkenness on June 9th. Defendant said that he was walking along High-street, Johnstewn, one of a party of three when P.C. Evans came up to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and said he was drunk. He .then followed the officer, in order to prove to him, if necessary in the presence of other per- sons, that he was not drunk. When he reached the top of Gutter Hill, the officer told him to go j. home, and he would hear no more about it He then abandoned the idea of proving himself III it drunk, and went home. I Defendant was fined 53 and costs. DOG CASES. Tho following were summoned for keeping a dog without a licence, and each fined 2s (id and costs Joseph Davies, .North Road, Ponkey Richard Thomas Ellis, North Road, Ponkey; Jos Williams, Hall-street, lthos; Richard F. Thomas, Pentrechristionydd Farm, Penycae Absjalom. Williams, Cefn W. R Jones, Cefni; Robert Jones, Cefn J. Jones, Cefn Chas Owens, Cefn; David. Lloyd, Cefn-Bedw Farm; Abraham Heywood, Acrefair; John Blaze, Plasbennion Lloyd Evans, Cefn Joseph Davies, Rhosymedre, and W. Jones, Ruabon.


Y Streic yn Niofeydd y Waun.

Diffyg Manteision mewn Cym-I…

Gofeb Gymreig i'r Brenin .lorwerfch.

Marwolaeth y Parch Evan Jones,…

Seneddwr Cymreig yn gwrthod…

Mesur y Dadganiad Brenhinol.





Wrexham District Council.

Sir Alfred Thomas to retire.