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ASTON ¡ SOl 8IF are the '1 ) Furniture Manutacturpro to Orear Britain. for ca.sa « I j^fel » Credit ftave the fineil sjjHlo- I 1 S JL^If |jj[_ }!#-» date Machinery •( their works 8 1" "*J~i H ffl illustrated above )„ wihcre B ""jl Pf^,TE* *!| 11 m X W#luut Frame, with 7 be*ellerf m H timber is converted 3rom llic III mirrors, lielght 4Sin.. vMlb 3TVo. H free to the finished arlici-e. 14/11 rii^ 3 HLACf* LOUIS CABINET, 4ft wlfle i '■•'■■IIIIBII IBM! SS5SBMSbs^ 8 „ ali intermediate proi)t3 are « — \s. K 7ft high, with 4 bevelSetf «hAped ag u Mirror* and China Cu-p*>oat4 • saved, yotl can !tu1 so4sad £ 2 17 6 Jk substantial FtiRNITURE tH I wholesale prices, quaMiy m guarsatct.%I. Carriage Paid at risk. 1| ■ send for CAT/u-oaue |j j 8 ii*« n^k* ««„* £ 1 «««» cr^ j 8 JH«. thick, weigh. MU».-J«.» I piftOCTQ • I IBQI tljll «««-»»•» 1 j B SPBISO MATTaeSSCS. • «. IS U>- I UflWl tlvfll LIHMLfcUBm S€««« jMU*r* CM* wHh Mm uok «MI JB I H M 9J tipfaetietery, 121a* Mat, 3' 11 Jff I TMt «e*»K* 'Tl 4?5f~ «R Sp"0* i OAK (lEDHOOfl SUITt «o oiW' H C4in'rollers 9 ^^ManBBHBBBMnDHKWB^ w<iod in H. 8rlt:»h l*lirror» ■% J^mI i>r»SS Vilj>pf«i ff nimriiiii e' d.. J/.4. SON e. P" CARPST MERC"AMYS, mO <?<« )fS IJnm- St.œ" of alitt.6 jj, AS'TONS -i r4; Lt S T.. oil mt. D=Tr-AD, -ith TMt «e*»K* 'Tl 4?5f~ «R 23, Sp"0* i OAK 811DROOM SUITt «o oiW' H C4in'rollers 9 ^^ManBBHBBBMnDHKWB^ w<iod in H. 8rlt:»h l*lirror» ■% J^mI i>r»SS Vilj>pf«i ff nimriiiii A R".I, se" 17 (i WAtfiirr BEPXCIOI SUrrt. Itrg* MM Warirar* » jj MB juu ffarti 4f« aiii an Uh voffilo*. 8f!t1*h Pl*te Mir/or* P BRUNSWICK sum; t)pliol»icr«d la Cracfcot'i B cd«c. Ctrtc^ of InUid p*n»u »i!h wc |j Cloth. tS 17* 44 fl| Cam* dwir* MB 1S«< || ■{ With *S<« CIUMM en th« D««»in( Ch«.i illmtoiaa JB SimiUr Jeilgti Opnoiitered m Amcrictn Cioih. ie*> WT» tB.. r-r, .S work inlitfc £ J II *<1 £ ^W_TI" MfllC Suite with A 3lt Wardrofcf i" wnc pic-e. t««t | VaHnannnnMHi^y^ii«iii'Mni,'iiiiiinwMniiiiiiw K. ia«p—■away; ■jiMrayg^nggg'ie'r'; Do yox-t want to live lOI.lg.? The best means of so doing is by eating Pure Home made Bread. WM. THOMAS,! Hat always made a Speciality 0" Pure PP-MflDE BElID Whioh ho delivers daily at customer»' own residence. "+- TEA PARTIES, PICNICS &e. medially oater&d for at most reasonable terms- NothkiK but tha VERY BEST GROCERIES W PROVISIONS kept iu atocK. -♦ 26 MARKET ST.. RHOS, JOHNSON ST.. PONKEY UP-TO-DATE PRINTING » .) at the Herald Office. Rhos. j A Splendid Spring Tonic. JOHNSONS' DANDELION & BURDOCK. j .—; Hanover House Hall-St, Rhos M. THOMAS, Grocer and Provision Dealer liome Cured Hams Bacon, Home Made Bread. Currant and Seed Cake. Agent for Phillips's Pure Teas direct from the Ship. 3eater in Glass, China & Earthenware Omner. Tea and Toilet Service, 4c BEDDING PRESENTS Phone T v Phone 28. 28. LEE & SONS, RUABON, URgoftaKEfs ColliDlete Funeral FufnibAefs All kinds of FIRST CLASS TURN-OUTS. WEDDINGS WITH GREY or BAY HORSES ;.y-* SUPPLIED. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, lt#USr!raphic Addrm:- Nat, Telephone, 13, Rhosllanerchrugog. "Timber," Ruabon THE STEAM SAW MILLS, JOHNSTOWN, RUABON. B A E f** t t 9L t ISAAC JENKINS, PROPRIETOR. BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, TIMBER and SLATE MERCHANT. DEALER IN ENGLISH & FOREIGN TIMBER. MATERIALS KEPT IN STOCK :— Shafts, Spokes, Felloes, Naves, Field Cates, Fencing Posts and Rails. Slating and Plastering Laths, Blue Slabs. PENRHYN, CARNARVON, FESTINIOS AW 6LYN SLATES Cement, Lime, Plaster and all Building Requisites. ptipeotnging, mww § BEtwMim All classes of Turnery, Joinery and Plumbing work executed by a Competent Staff of many years' experience Inspections made. Reports and Plans prepared. Estimates given on application. GOOD MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. Estimates on Application Enquire8 invited ROBT. JONES, Mechanical Engineer, Gas, Hot and Cold Water Fitter, Saw Guard Patentee DEALER IN STEEL, IRON, BRASS, LEAD, AND ALL KINDS OF HARDWARE GOODS. WINDOW GLASS, Plain and Obscure, MURANEES, Clear and Coloured, kept in stock. ALL METHODS OF Heating, Lighting, Ventilating, Plumbing and Sanitary Engineering. SLSGTBXC BELLS kept in stock and fixed at most moderate rates. t MONA GARDENS, RHOS, Roabon. BOOK Debts purchased* easfe down, any district.—W lacksor^ 26, Cor- poration street, Manchester. POST PONEO. THE DRAW for the benefit «.* Llew -i- Jones, Ausliaiia Street, feas been postponed until fulJ }g, Ww'ujicg Nos. will appear July 23. WANTED GENERAL (expe^e-nred), a33 duties except washing,. Smaii family, com- fortable home. Wages £!8 to biegin.- Apply Mrs WALTER. 26, MoorSeld Road.. West Didsfcurv, Mar Chester. LCST N MONDAY. ON MONDAY, a feather- bound Focket Ledger, between Pant Hill and Ponkey. F, cier f £ wajrded on ra- turning same to Mr Csomar, 2 King st.. Wrexham. or Police Station, Rhos. M.ONEY. ARE Y< jU requi'jits's PRCMPT nutl Btrictly pri- vate advance oi £ l\. cr np-waziis? Hbea I in- vite you to write tv DJt) ill 31 net cmfldeixso- Y.c. can rely upon being treated in an hvtu. nx-abie and HStraigLc 1 oi\vyrd n,«ni:er, and upon &c., te- izig arrai.ged to yoi r &ati&&ctktt>.—Apply tc- F. W. HUGHES. SLIverdale, I' 63 Kingswood icacL Moseley, Birmingham Patrons T. M. the King and Queetl. I CHSTER HiSTOiiK'AL -1 VGEANT JULY 18th to 23?&, p.a. 8 EPISODES DAILY. 3000 PERFORMERS. BAND OF ROY\L ) f-GK CHORUS Gorgeov- C i u rr, i^eavUi'Vl Stately Dances. Magnificent Rivtr 1 Ruminations- Covered Auditorium loi .4. i .'O Spectators. Seats 21s 10 6, 7 6, 5/ and 3/6- Adm ission, 2 From Pbillippon & Golder, Chester. BnsLiwuub and L'reapfr, Liverpool Fuisjth Bros., MnuoiieBier Tourist Development, Enymaritft. London and at all Cook's Office. REDUCED BAILVVAY FARES. Book of rm-<iy, 1,- 1,"1(1.i,pr,4. Pagtuut Booklet aiid Hluetrated Guioe to Chekter fiee tioni Ilarsgeis- Buriug Brt-s., fageant lieuee Cheater. SAML. EVANS, A.C. Begs to state that he is open to accept engagements as MUSICAL ADJUDICATOR, FESTIVAL CONDUCTOR, &C. Lessons given in VOICE Tracking, HAR- MONY, THEORY, &C. For terms, apply BROAD STREET, RHOS, Ruabon. MR CARADOG ROBERTS MUS. BAG., OXON. F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M. (Piano) Organist of Bethlehem Congregational Church, Mhos, Member of the Council of the Incorporat- ed Society of Musicians. Specialised in PIANOFORTE PLAYING Under Herr JOHANNES Weincabrtwer. Terms for lessons, engagements as Solo Pianist, Accompanist, &c., on appli- cation to Mounii View, Rhos, Ruabon MR E. EMLYN DAVIES, A.R.C.O. Organist Congregational Church, Chester-st., Wrexham, Gives lesson* in PIANOFORTE & ORGAN Playing, Theory of Music, Ac, Engagamentip accepted as Solo Pianist, Aeeom panist at-Concertg, Bisteddfodfm, Organ Becitale, etc. TXBMS ON APPLICATION, BROMFIELD HOUSE, 6WAJS STREET, RROB