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Rhos' hint to Ruabon.



RUABON POLICE COURT. Continued from Friday last.— THE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT: CASE DISMISSED. Edward Richards, Central Buildings, The Cross, Rhos, was charged by Noah Price, inspector of weights and measures, with having in his possession an unjust weighing instrument, a beam scale. Mr Price said in February he was engaged in examining scales and weights at the Pub- lic Hall, Rhos. Defendant submitted one scales and one set of weights, and they were ready for use shortly after 10 a.m. next day. Messages were sent to defend- ant that the scales and weights were ready but up to one o'clock they were not sent for. At dinner time he called at defend- ant's shop to ask him to fetch them, and whilst waiting he examined the scales in use, and found them very much against the purchaser. He seized the scales, and sent them to the Public Hall, and instruct- ed his assistant to test the deficiency. Harold Cole, assistant inspector, said the scales were i oz n drams against the purchaser. Mr Marsden for the defence, said after defendant sent his scales for inspection he brought a set of scales from his Cefn es- tablishment to use in the place. Unfor- tunately the plate of the scales fell down I and defendant went to Liverpool and se- cured another one. Defendant's sister on using the scales, found the p!ate was too heavy, and in order to equalise mat- ters placed a two oz. weight in the pan on the other side. There was, therefore, no fraud on the purchaser. This scale was only in use whilst the other one was being examined by Mr Price. Theodosia Richards, daughter ot de- fendant, said her father sent a new plate instead of the one broken, and, on putting it on the machine, she found it was too heavy. She put a 20Z. weight in the pan to prevent the customers having short weight. Her father was not there that day and knew nothing of what occurred. Christmas Pemberton, errand boy in the employ of defendant, said he called for the scales at the Public Hall on the morn- ing in question, but they were not then reddy. Fred Twist, Wigan, who appeared on subpoena, said he was in defendant's shop on the day in question, and saw his daughter weighing half a pound of mut- ton chops for a customer with a half-pound and 20Z. weight on the pan. The magistrates decided to dismiss the case. ASSAULT AT RHOS. I Jane Baker, 9 Australia street, Ponkey. was summoned by Jane Hannaby, 13 Aus- tralia street, Ponkey, for assault. Com- plainant stated on May 17th defendant threw her to the ground and struck her several times with her fist. The trouble arose through a dispute as to right of way Complainant's husband corroborated. Defendant, who did not appear, was fined 5/- and costs. WIFE BEATING. Maigaret Hopwood, Chapel street, Ponkey, summoned her husband, Edward Hopwood, for assault. Complainant said the defendant had behaved very cruelly towards her for some time past, and on May 23rd struck her in the breast with a knife. Defendant, who pleaded guilty, was fined 10/- and cost.

' . E5 Fine for Unjust Weightbridge

Mr J. R. Clynes M. P. at Johnstown.




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