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RHOS. DEPARTURE. — Mr Mercdach Green, Hall-street, who for some ysars was as- sistant teacher at Ellesmere Port, left Rhos on Monday for Canada NEWS OF MR D. THOMAS.—Our read- ers will be glad to hear that Mr David Thomas, assistant teacher, who went out to South Africa a few months ago, is getting on famously in the new country. He is teaching in a school at Ladysmith, and is enjoying the best of health. HOME COMING—This week Mr Robert Jones (Bob Cerrig) and Mr David John Davies, are returning to Rhos from South Africa. Mr Robert jones left Rhos for Jchannesburgh a few weeks before the outbreak of the Boer war. During his long stay in South Africa, he has gone through a great deal of adventures, and has experienced all the rigours of life un- der martial orders. Mr Jones is assured of a warm welcome from his old friends at Rhos, all of whom have followed his career with personal interest. EISTEDDFOD WINNERS —At an Eistedd- fod held at Southsea, on Monday, the baritone solo was won by Mr R. 1. Jones, Church-street, and the contralto solo was awarded to N%ss Lizzie J 0rs, Jones-st. The adjudicator was Mr G. W. Hughes. TEMPERANCE.—A meeting of the Wo- men's Temperande Association was held at Bethlehem Schoolroom, on Monday evening. Mrs Edwards, Chapel-street, Ponkey, was elected president of the h Johnstown branch of the Association, in succession to Mrs W. H. Lw!s, who is shortly leaving for Beaumals. BOXING -Considerable interest was taken in Rhos, in the fight between Fred- die Welsh aid Packie M'Farland, which was fought it London, on Monday night. The sympathy of the local interested ones went out entirely to the clever little Welshman. On the eve of the fight, one local admirer sent off a telegram, wishing his fellow-countryman every success in the eventful contest. fhe; esult was a THE TViNCERS; GROUND.—Owing to the converting of Cae Enion into Small hidings, the Rhos Rangers have been left without a playing ground, The old ground has been the scene of a hard fought and of innumeraole victor- ies, and the players are ioih to leave it. DoufctSess a Dc;w w;il be ar- ranged for by the beginning or OcJCt seas-- on. SCRIPTURAL EXAMINATION C A N D I D A T r- ENTERTAINED.—The Rev R Williams, pastor of the English Piesbyterian Church Hili-strett, e"!e t mi-U the candidates who s »t at the Scipusr • ex .miration an tinged by the La c Preihyreey. tc an enjuv- ari. tea in 1 .• -eh on Wednesday afternoon Annie Hughes, M Mills, and 5yv.l EJw,»rvl> presided at the tabies. SMALL H CLDI XG».—T h 2 two Small Holamgs on Cae L,,iori been staked out, and the land let by the Coun- ty Council 10 ,\1 r Philips, Cemetery-road, aid Mr Hu<h-s, john^ni-^treet. The upper pari been t ned to Mr Hughes, a 11 J to Mr Ph*-)]- I nfortun-itely, a footpath s right uuough the centre of the Ho-ding^s, a d for ye r- the path has been the rrSvV: of children and pedes- trians. We understand it is the intention of the holders to apply for powers to di- vert the Cae Enion footpath. Ho NIINC,Tiie Rhos Homing Society flew their third old bird race of the season on Saturday last from Bath a distance of 116 miles. About a hundred birds were entered, and were dispatched on Firday night to meet the special train at Wrex- ham. The Birds were liberated by Con- voy or Crocombe, at n-35 a.m. the fol- lowic- were the prize winners:- i st Jones and Davies, Pentredwr, whose velocity was 1,080 yds per minute 2nd and 3rd Mr William Parry, Jones st whose veloc- ity was well above the 1,000. AMBULANCE CLASS. The following is the result of the St John's Ambulance Class held at the Rhos Station on April J 28th of Railway men. The Examiner vvas Dr H Drinkwater, Wrexham. The lecturer was Dr Dj Williams, Rhos who was assited by Mr Thomas Wynne, Acrefair. Nine sat for the first year Cer- tificate the following eight being suc(;ess- ful:-W J Haigh, G Pearson, George Price, Hugh A Thomas, Dd T Williams, DJ John WiHi»ms, William Jones. Her- bert Welsh. Sec >nd year Cet tificate ;— P. C. Thomas Davies.. Out of the three .Student that tried for the medallions the following successfully plsd John Wilhams (stationmaster), Thomas Fdrreli Pa--ed for Label. Ganger Thomas t'ne. LOCAL EMIGRATION.—During spring, for several years now, quite a number of young people are seized with the fever of emigration, Hardly a week passes but sees the departure of one or two young men for America and Canada, During men for and Canada, During the last fortnight seven or eight people have left the district to seek fame and for- tune in the New World. The reason for all this is not far to seek. The limit of employment has long ago been reached in Rhos, and when, through circum- stances a young man is thrown out of work, he has either to wait like Micawber for something to turn up, or gird up his loins and seek work in another country. It is an obvious fact that as long as the birthrate of Rhos increases, and the schools pour out their unemployed boys every year, there is great immediate dan- ger of overcrowding every class of em- ployment in the district. The coal pits aie full the brickyards are full the teaching profession is crammed and still every year sees dozens of youths arriving at working age, with no work for them to do. The palpable solution of this state of affairs would be tjhe opening of some new industry, where the youths and young men could be absorbed. But alas There seems to be very little hope of this very desirable event ever coming to pass. However doleful it may sound, the fact is becoming more acute every year that progress can only follow in the trail of in- dustry and employment; and when the workers outnumber the tasks, somebody, something, or somewhere has to suffer. In this case the somewhere is Rhos. GRANGO SCHOOL AMBULANCE CLASS.— On Saturday afternoon about 30 members of the above class sat down to an excell- ent tea, provided by Mrs Robt Edwards, Denbigh House. After the repast a most enjoyable evening was spent under t he presidency of Mr J Stephen Jones, Aber- derfyn, who gave a most coungeous ad. dress and advised the class to keep toge- ther, and some day they would be able to something great in this heroic work. Mr Fred Davies read the report of the work accomplished by the class. He also said that at the beginning of the session 34 en- rolled their names on the register, but out of this number only 20 sat for examina- tion, out of which 15 passed. On behalf of the crass Mr Samuel Hough, presented Dr D J Williams, with a silver mounted ebony walking stick, and a Meerschaum Pipe (in case). Dr Williams suitably re- sponded. Selections on the gramaphone were given by Mr Wm Garner. The dis- tribution of medalions and certificates to the successful students were presented by Mr Richard Prichard, The Square.:—St John's Medalions (third year's work) Messrs Fred Davies, Samuel Parry, Ed. Richards. Voucher (Second year's^ work) I' I Messrs Thomas Jones, Henry Fox, John Davies, William Garner. (First year's) Messrs Ben Pritchard, Ivor Williams, I John Hughes, Ernest Harris, Daniel Evan I Edwards, Joseph Hughes, W Williams, Daniel Williams. Messrs Ed Richards and Thomas Jones spoke of the credit that was due to Dr Williams and Mr Fred Davies for the success of the j class. Dr Drinkwater, Wrexham, was the examiner. i.w. CONCERT. -On Friday evening a. bene- fit concert (in aid of Mr Samuel Hughes, Wern lane) was held at the National School. In the absence of Mr A. E. ¡ Evans Bronwylfa, the chair was taken by the Vicar, (Rev J. W. Thomas) who I, proved an able substitute. The following nrop-ramme was rendered Action Song Members of tho Force" National School Party HumoroasSoog "DoatbeSiily" Mr Wm Campbell Duett Watchman what of the Night" Sargeant Messrs Hughes and Williams. Song "Drosy Gareg" Welsh Air Master Robert Edwards. Song My Queen Blumethal Mr Tom Pritchard I Song The Swal ows J Cowen Mies Maggie Iiicharda. Song Happy HuchelorBanning Mr Turn Williams. Song Gay Hussar" Sullivan Mr J Watkin Hughes. Action Song Suffragettes National School Party Hnmorons Song Archibald Mr Wm Campbell. Song "Welsh Air'J Master Robert Edwards Song Down the Vale" Moir Mr J Watkin Hughes SOD 1: The Bell" Wm Davies Miss Maggie Richards SoDg Sympathy Ed St Quentine Mr Tom Pritchard Song Alrvana'' Adams Mr Tom Williams The concert was a most enjoyable one, all the artistes acquitting themselves well. The accompanists were Messrs J. Chas. Powell and David Hughes. Mr J. Wat- kin Hughes was the secretary of the con- cert. ——


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