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[ Cannot be Beaten I THE I a 'NEPTUNE' P4 Fountain Fens AND TH* I 'BRITISH If j o Stylo Pens. A bsol ntely Reliable, Best British Make. | i PltICH JPltOM 1,6 up to 10/6. Z 14 Carat Gold Nibs. Q) We stock them. (—{ CaH mad m* one. E-i R. Mills & Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. })"ETI.1:S. &e.—U <1 yo"r "OTl of U; P"J[T t1.;m.. T'f ) tisiii* link Pest «»» H?»r» KxteraruNtot,. M.. I I*. ;>d. post I'RIiSB KKN i LKY, T.TIX, ECGLESHTLL, BRADFORD. pABY'S LONG OT.OTIIKS.-SP arti<Jes. 21a* J> beat!tifriIly f ull. Home worV hy W^>-h lanther. flLppraiaL. — Mrs. Truseott, Quel_A. Uijyl, Wsles. ( TO ASTHMA SUFFERERS. AS an advrtrti^eirient I am j.rir.xawMy J PRKK BOXES of mv Remedy, -which I gissmstee to give iaataat rrJie £ Enclose stamp for p to If I !XK. Chemist, JBTAWiCX. JT tt. rlKNTJINB Safe Investment in Delwntarei of Industritf 1 ttunpsiny, carrying interest 7 p»»r crnt. per annum, pup- able quarterly '.also in r1 ep,-ndPII' iy ¡¡'Uln:nt'ApplÏL-a.nt8 apply, Olhniok, GHenfli-ld. 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Twti, on N .i-'c, f»rowi,X po.itjja.id, Tj.d—Geo. Brand Sc Co., A S* r<le' n. X. H. | WE 0 D DR. JC)B TO.iSUfD' Pi l) 'are a British Ketnedv of I.) vr*rV s/anding. ? GIVE1 They absolutely ew- '"<' mtsn and Liver Comp alnts If y t "lIffT" i OU send uk -ix rtittnjw, wiieu we *i'l for- ward Fuil Sized l/li Box fur trial 72 per return post. 'V" '*#• g- ;0eSS^5!0o> CLOTH (Ladiee).—Xavy Flue Serre Coitanu Length* -pecial value, 21/6. -n, Briar-road. Sheffield. DISTRICT Maaacrer,«<><>40rg»uiser >n i atsff Trafner,W*n for »r- 8»l*r? £ J we»k f M'i«l furii >sli cash security £ rO. required *<• «hnw snccen'ftil bnsineas t Dept., oW. Beunelf* bill. mr.t. Wro!.E'TEAli;4fl AID of ovary description purchased (orenh.— H. B. Ba&makp A lieai, 144, Lambeth Walk, London. mOBACOOS! CIGAlUII CIGARETTES I A I* k»<iws Bni.ad »f Maaslacsiuvri' «ws List Priest*. B»4)«as .variety of Tefcaaeeniat* Kmc? 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