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RHOS. BWLCHGWYN EISTEDDFCD.- The win- ner of the children's recitation in the morning meeting at Bwlchgwyn Eistedd- fod rji-i Whit Monday, was Miss Mary Eveline Jones, off New-street, Rhos. The test piece was Ora Pro-N ObIS." ACCIDENT.-On Tuesday, a schoolboy named Caradog Sauvage, met with a Z, rather nasty accident, through climbing a wall. The boy had scaled to the top of a high wall, when he suddenly lost his foot- ing and fell on his head. He sustained a cut on the back of the head which tie-d cessitated the aid of Dr D. J. Williams. COMPENSATION.—William Jones, Hafod View, Queen-street, employed by the Ruabon Coal Co, applied last week at Wrexham, for an award of ISS lId per week compensation. His Honour said in view of the certificate, he would only grant an award from Feb 12th instead of Nov 1St as applied for. THE PIGEON CRAZE.—The Rhos Hom- ing Society flew their second race of the season on Friday last, the destination be- ing Hereford, a distance ot 64 miles. The entries were numerous, and a large number of birds were despatched on the previous night. The birds were liberated at 8-45 a.m. Some excellent velocities were obtained. ANCLING.-The delights of angling are beginning to grip the local patrons of the piscatorial art. One Rhos enthusiast on Thursday visited the Copy pool, and in a very short time, netted some very fine dace, the largest of which weighed nine ounces. CHURCH PARADE.—The local company turned out for parade on Friday last. The first muster attended the service at Capel Mawr in the morning, and the sec- ond muster attended St John's Church in the afternoon The man looked very smart in their tunics and black flashes. Captain Davies was in command. MISSION SERVICES.—Sister Ellen, of the South End London Mission, St George's Hall, commenced a ten day's mission at the Primitive Methodist Church on Sunday, when she preached to a large congregation. THE SALVATION ARMY.—A memorial service lor the late Mr Richard Foulkes, Roberts' Lane, who was. a member k)f the Salvation Army Corps, was held on Sun- day evening; Mrs Adjutant Lavedy, an old officer, gave an address, aiid u sermon j was preached bv Lieut Graham There was a large congregation. I RHOS SILvER BAND.-This band par- aded the principal, streets of Rhos and I ponkey on Saturday. in their new uniforms The tunics are blue,,with dark red lacings, whilst the trousers are of the same col- our with a perpendicular red strip. A t srr,art cap co-neludes the uniform, which gives the men a neat naval appearance. PERSONAL. — Dr J. C. Davies motored to Aberystwyth on Saturday lastto in- spect the camping ground at Bow, Aber- ystwyth. He returned home on Monday night, and expressed- himself delighted with the camp sue. — Mr P\w, Edwards Js spending a few da-s holidays here this week. He is m tki >g steady headway under Signor Randegger. THE RECENT MINERS' MEETING. — The Resolution ot MR YV. Garner at the Min- ers' meeting in the Public Half, last week, in connection with the recent Westmin- 11' ¡I ster colliery dispute, was not correctly re- ported in our report of the meeting last week. The correct wording nf Mr Gar- ner's resolution should be That the matter should be left in abeyance for a month, in order that Mr Robert Jons should have every chance to make His position pfein." By this Mr Garner means that the resolution by the Council in favour of expelling Mr Robert Jones, should be rescinded for a month-not withdrawn altogether. Box,, SCOUTS —This week a large num- ber of the boys of the district have been talking over the matter of forming a com- pany of Boy Scouts in Rhos. A band presented themselves at this office one night this week, under the impression that we could enroll them there and then. Now here is a chance for a lad of sixteen or seventeen to distinguish himself. There are at least forty bright sharp lads burning to be captained, If any boy would like to undertake the captaincy of a band of scouts, we would be glad to put him in communication with the boys -seady to be enrolled. PECULIAR LAPSE 01'- MEMORY.—The I mother night, a member of the Young League was playing billiards, when he was" potted" by his opponent. To await his turn, he slipped the ball into his pocket. When his turn came he took oat of his pocket a threepenny bit, and placing it in the centre of the dee be- gan to play 1t. His partner was amazed and thought the player was joking. But jio; his face wore the strenuous, serious, look to be seen on every billiard player's fttcv preparatory to making a shot, The player afterwards confessed that the in- cident was a case of pure lapse of mem- ory. WATCHING THE COMET.—A large num- ber of Rhos people had a glimpse of Hal- ley's Comet on Monday evening. The famous comet was to be seen setting in the South West, and appeared as aneb- ulous haze, with a nucleus of the bright- ness of a second or third magnitude star. The members of the Young Liberal League were the first to sight the wand- erer, one of the members having set him- self the task of watching for it with a glass. The young astronomer sighted the comet on Saturday night, and having made known his discovery to the other members, the back windows of the club room, facing west, were converted into observatories. Owing to the haze and other inconveniences of these latitudes, the sight was by no means a thrilling one.


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