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'KING AND HIS EMPIRE7 --0- MESSAGES TO THE COLONIES. .ö1f,l Monday two further racssages were -by the King. The followin has bees communicated to acbiiinisteririg the Governments British Dominions beyond the Seas, 1:Jrith Colonics, and Protectorates: .0 MY PEOPLE BEYOND THE SEAS. The innumerable mesea.ges- of kindness fmm my loyal subjects beyond the seas deeply touched my heart, and have sje*f-d ffie that I have in full measure iki r i-yinpatliy in the great trial which befallen me and them, that my sorrow ilioir sorrow, that we share a, common Jew. The happiness of all his people through- ,&:á his dominions was dear to the. heart of jwy beloved Father. For them he lived rjaasd worked, in their service he died, and .1 cannot doubt that they will hold his in grateful remembrance. I am now to' follow in his footsteps, and carry jou the work which prospered in his' hands. JÜ a «ailcr, I have been brought into instant touch with the oversea dominions ,&f the Crown, and I have personally rcal- tQmkJ the affectionate loyalty which holds -ifegfeiker many lands and diverse peoples •;S* one glorious fellowship. hne years ago I travelled through the "Jfaetfrire, accompanied by my dear wife, Avfl had the late King lived, wo should together, at his expressed wish, have waited South Africa in the coming Autumn to open the first Parliament of 1fJ.¡\, South African Union, the latest and ^pritaiest evidence of that peace and har- »»>>>? which my Father ever loved to pro- ■■ set 1 j?r. will be my earnest endeavour to up- constitutional government, and to ,i*Mgfeguard in all their fullness the liberties '-wtiieh are enjoyed throughout my domi- ,.#iJjr>TV«, and under the good guidance of the fLuk of all men, I will maintain upon the Jfruuation of freedom, justice, and peace, jfce. -rea,t heritage of the united British jfgwj}» re. TO THE INDIAN PEOPLES. fh0 King1 Emperor has also sent the letter to the Princes and peoples of Wis ■ The lamented and unlooked-for death of fBty dearly loved father calls me to ascend .4&t} Throne that comes to me as the heir of gwat and ancient line. Jtoi King- and Emperor I greet the fftisrsees, the Hul ing Chiefs, and all the vdwellers in my Indian dominions. I you my heartfelt thanks for the and abundant manifestatiotT that Jlí% event has called forth from all the .JfoMivm races, classes, and faiths in India, '"II>-r loyalty to the Sovereign Crown, and per- .(lna1 attachment to its wearers. QrHioen Victoria of revered memory ad- -drt,, ,ed her Indian subjects and the heads 'M Feudatory States when she assumed the government in 1,858; and her «uigM*t son, my father, of honoured and name, commemorated the same t notable event in his Address to you ttfl years later. These are the charters of -fehe noble and of Imperial '-if'tile, and by that spirit in all my time to I will faithfully abide. By the wish of his late Majesty, and fol- ],,is own I visited India, ■Sv** ag'o, accompanied by my Koyal We. became personally acquainted ttdfh great, kingdoms known to history, monumemts of a civilisation older 1 otir own, with anoio-t customs and •v#»y,s of Life, with native Rulers, with the the cities, towns. villages, r"I)oitt those vast territories. can either the vivid impressions .„j»r the affectionate associations of that ]-fill journey vanish or grow dim. Firmly I eovifide in your d-iii ifiil and .active co-operation in the liigli and .#~ducm.s tasks that lie before mo, co and I ready response to the -friirnesv sympathy with the we]]-bein<7 of J.:ndhl that )flu.t ever be the inspiration of *»y rule, fiEOH(JE, R.I. The King Emperor, on the advice of the Ar of State for Iiidia., gramted remis- n t t sentence, on such scale a-s the » or-(ieneral i» Council may decide, to icted prisoners in British India who M > 23rd May, 1910, had still to serve :jfij;¡,r.r; fitAn one month of their sentiences of v, JOfcp • iroent or transportation.



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