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Cannot be Beater THE Q) 'NEPTUNE Fountain Pens- M AND THR I BRITISH' o Stylo Pens. JEr.t Absolutely Reliable. CD Best British Make PRICKS FROM g-« 1/6 up to 10/6 I Z 14 Carat Gold Nibs. j CI:) We stock them. r-f Call and see one. R. Mills & Sons J HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. HOW to Bhhm a PARUFSTIM out interfering with il JPHMU* aftardimm. Toition by Correspondesce for FMnoMM y pply, xtajnped tddresa, Anrtm, «, IotanHtBiMiigi, lam Temple, London. mfTlTALot BMPIRB i'AGSAXT of tONDOK. M HOatBU. 100 WSBL.H5. a»d PrNr>RIJt8. Jt»c-«!,ti»o»uce of ttir Tupeant on accnast »t the tfcati. ni Km. Maj- 8&7 tile lale II. ieJr, Mr. T. G. Halee, »f Brory- imne, tea ilutracM Messrs. W. and R. FRKKM.VN to RKLf, by A» «TI-'I», wiOwmt t»arrr«t at ALWtllXiE'S, 8t. Martins-lane, <m» WIUWK-r>AT M»t js, the abort property, wliick KU »■ »-<t l«f ttp of lb* Paroant. Tfce knu wmrsac kaefct, h'inc*rt, charters, »n<2 tonwsw fcereee, an from l&.» to l«.l, and eitr>Riely writ clMr-es. Tfc» adiln sad tH-idles, by j»rion» makers, »T« all e*re- fuH.r twiruW* ofr bum is# and polo, and many quite Bew. to i \mrmr tann*M. HIST THE THING FOR THE WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS. fHat as (ketch in Burnt, Black, ml all leading' colour* (trimmrd to match coft.nmrn jf d^mred) gf wilh foldrd O,iff on, three Spray* ft of Roses mid F< iliaf! or Oriental HL Silk Square if preferred. 3/9 :MILIE ET C I E (Fran Paris), 165, BRICGATE, LEEDS. ft of Roses swid F< iliaf! or Oriental HL Silk Square if preferred. U. (.xtra. (Boll. and Po.age) 319 EMILIE ET C I E (Fran Paris), 165, BRICGATE, LEEDS. lap lMk OHlMt flf Lnriw and Continental ?uU«h «hMi« to prihM toe Latest in Millinery Modes at the tomd, ywiiWe fricn. EWAIbM Sknto, Umtotlim given a war. Write r*ar- »ARTBD. JI0SNTS for the mast raarreUoiifi momej- mmkiuf itoe efcrad.—Oswald Curd Co., Accriagton. SAKATOtUl'M FOR CONt8UM>tivkS.—Mm only, «0a. pw malt.—D«m» He-atl. Ho-M'oTtti. York*. HOftRRT Bi.ROAISS.-WiM' Sntmlrm Block CRoh. Jl mew KfeoacM^wyar Rtockin p. Three pairs 2/6, worth Wtmium-lbreeL—Joseph Park. BXLMTABO EJOHTS complete. latest hand painted white Ope*jaO MkutMr—Koltn* Mareb-lane, Prcgton. cna FMZE-WINpiima 80 utions. «iso. Ffi. "Answer* D<iui>W,™ Tit-Hits Dittoes, Ac., Ac., by »«*«*! winner or £ 180 in Answer* April 2nd. Full yntiratara. wrtii Two Prize gollititifix. for Is. and stamped —Omsk. Wall, 6, Wharfdale-ioad. Kind's OrtM, Idmtimm. Mtmiiaa pap^r. I NOW HEADY. fcMRrS<: BY OK. A. T. SCHOFIELD. Auall erown 8w, I/- net. IFiotocsMter trosrtte say. A nin^ularly wise and ..ble buok." WOM-P Am Sodeir C-stalovm of New Thought PnyeMt mm* Occult PubUcMtioms, 11114 Rider's MInd &Ad( 8.dy Hamdbottks. i; w- JtJDlla At SON, Ltd., 1S4, AWersgate Street, I I/mdfm. R.C. FOCT.TRY FARM, STOCK, AI-PLIAXCBS. O XSMl *t-T*n. iiood residettoft. encloned grouMds. Jy Keot &i*. — Howard, Kennerleieh Bwlwr. Daninmkii'o. ) QMKDUiV'X Awaarh* Our« for Ir*.lige#tio», DTspepma, O filwaBiafeMa. Triiu treatmeut, send 2 -for 6/<»'Ma.-wage Oatft, eiwrjT.i-.KfnC S ,art- Ijottlos of Kmhi-ooatio*, special ¡ SfasMg* ApuJiaaet. and raluable Diet and Magaage Piua- pbleta.—IX. Bttrrp-rcad. tendon. S.B. R1 A.Parraikt — f*a,vinzrrceivej in locality. V tiNWitohte.is, weekl.?.—Kfci'.jr.n, u^rrr-road. Dulwich "IE SOSSCX GROUt49 OATS, 8/f fr cwU SUSSEX PATTGKIN0 MEAL, I/- per cv*. 1IT FEES, per cvt. Cash vltk •rtfer. qgTjMffi m mm. etmm. ICUa, MATraBLD. 8U8S>X. A1JU AT.—Firwt-ctiuw Tobacconist's and Hairdras. nf Bujssnnca. Best residential part Bri^ht^n 9p>f ih"»t mwisim Ship st., Bricht^ riTTKACSR—TImc tafaUihle renwiy is CAKBOLOXD. BOwus tosto»to**»n« Mltof aad |»«rmaB«nt cure. Past hw, to~-€Att»OIXtfP CO BKUAITf, I I IMT" 11 WATKKIVOOF Htvit Polish. CJr*nA Prix Gold Milal. Bupphtti, to thtyafr B^toae, Belifium. Twotiin onc black, f ws hUI m. J4CH 3 Pitts ■aan » gaaaedr of :1"1 _ndi< } Indi '«rt«a« and Li OollttptalMt. Ii you *uffer 4 y on ifMS uo eás: Atauipa, wh».-u wo Will f,),- ward I'm.'? jam"d fur trial 71 I swr Mtor* post. 2eL °o ^a- —' -^C- «v ^SlXtTK Vlj»Si«*l -58»*y SbM -Beff* Costime I>nigth« tjsriiil nitM, K|8-—tt< SriM-road, for &I wmt y, •«*< fwv-sttStr •••! j r~l k. ado* ••irc^ssfiU 'IHinir r»e»*aa.—Ha*s««r. U. bto». • MUBf IkmSlgltm pKntmm/i tmr tash.- 14 IPig. B..f 1WMM »(B—» k^t<tofciWi Wall; UmOm. NORM M jhwjfy tow^f[ towWL toTB»wJ>y|»»nr syfc jL st rrM HWM # Otogat w*sS»*a jXMiMVi, ir. mjLmnvs T,AXB, LOIRDON. X>0<3- 8ALB. #av nn>AT, 1st APRir^ THRU •'clock, MKSSRf. U W. Mni. &. AN will h..ld an Auction «f upwo. rds of FI]Pff MCF tXXSa and other Breeds. Igatne& mrited WfeMsrtoMt9Mk March. CataJerue forwarded.






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