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F:l!'<Y 14 =========^^ | A bAROE TMffiD STOCK OF » I ■ BOXED STATIONERY | ■ A-liWAHS ON BAND. NEATLY BOXED, AT PRICES TO SUIT EVERYBODY I Boxes 3d-, 6d-, Mid 1/- | | Mourning Note Paper WZX-D Stavelopea j L Voolaoap Paper and Znvelopont Slotting Fapor I TBB BEST i Id PACKET OF STATIONERY .1 IN TSES DISTRICT. -W-DE"S GOLD. ZM^IDJLX, IUES. j MEMO "BOOKS, A-GOOUISfT BOOKS, WCmaiSM BOOKS, DAY BOOKS 1 3jED0SRS, &c., in great vmpiety. j t p N/f T LLS SONS, fjtmftrs, tatitnttrs. w0 ksturrs Itrtoagpnts, tfc 0,' HERALD OFFICE. IlHOS 'jB; .w a. r, I, ''J ,,>J. If, IP BPSINXSS IS DULL■ | -W II .II 1 A I lf BuøiDe81 is dull, that is the time to advertise, Advertising will turn the I dnBnwfl of to-day into the brisk trati,e of to-morrow. busiiifss is Rood. that S I wi is the time to advertise. Surely every merehant wiahe* business to stay good. i l J and advertisiBf is an assurance of this. No matter how much business a i Z merchant is doing, he should not be averse to seeing it become better. Good I advertising will accomplish this. The man who has had energy enough to 1 op a good trade usually has the ambition to wish to see it grow and 1 grow. Then he shoald ose more and" better advertising. i ='t:: = THE BRDI HE&ALD J 1" £., i I' I_lnr 11 4 f I