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Wales and the King.




RHOS An important announcement of Mr Robert Jarvis will be found in our inside aolumns. Several important announcements re- garding Eisteddfods, Fetes,. &c., will be found on the front page. THE SALVATION ARMY.—Ensign Shep- pard and Lieutenant Lazzel, who have been for a year in charge of the Rhos corps, have been transferred to Cannock Chase. They will be succeeded by Adj. Garner and Lieutenant Graham of Crewe. THE NATIONAL SCHOOL.—Miss Mabel Walton nnd Miss F M Grimes, teacher at the National School, have resigned to take up appointments elsewhere. Miss Walton has left for Glamorganshire, Z!- while Miss Grimes has gone to a school in Gloucestershire. Miss Walton will be suceeded by Miss M V Thomas of Stock- port. I EDUCATION. Nlr Joseph Charles, Mr Samuel Roberts, and Mr K Wynne have been appointed by the Parish Council as (representatives on the Local Educations Committee. Mr Ted Jones holds a simi- lar appointment, made by the County Council. 8 AGRICULTURAL LECTURES.—It was de- cided at theParish Council held on Thurs- day night to apply for the free extenstion lectures on Agriculture, to be held in Rhos similar to the ones held last year. i I WELCOMING NEW iN," r Williams, and Mr Joseph Griffiths ue [Welcomed by the chairman of the Parish I Council at the meeting on Thursday even- ing. Both members briefly responded,! and said they would do their utmost tog promote the interests of the neighbour-1 hood by faithful attendance and careful consideration of matters brought before their attention at the Councils meetings. AN INGENIOUS CARETAKER.—Mr George Hampson, the caretaker of the Pant out- fall is to be congratutated upon the result of his careful handiwork in beautifying the Pant outfall works. Mr Hampson is an ardent lover of flowers and plants, and in his leisure hours he has planted beds of various plants and multi-coloured a flowers. Harmonious blendings of prim- roses, white rock, daffodils &c make a most pleasing spectacle to look upon, and now* that the flowers are beginning to bloom the prosaic precincts of the outfall have been metamorphised into a veritable garden. | 1


Psalmody Festival at Wrexham.

Chirk Resident withdraws nothing

Death of fring Edward*

King Edward and Rhos.

King Edward and Mr D. Lloyd…

The Proclamation.

Family Notices


Denbighshire County Council.