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EPITOME OF NEWS. The death has occurred at Gateshead, at t)249 age of sixty-eight, Tom Winship, a famouai oarsman. I It is announced that a wireless telegraphy ^system will shortly be established connecting^ all parts of French West Africa with Algeria. t James Taylor Davis, a Faversham farm labourer, missed his razor, and, searching for it, found his wife dead in a cupboard with her throat cut, and the weapon beside her. A pauper inmate wrote to the rhumhaughlim guardians: "Since I came to this institution I have lost all my upper teeth. I would be very thankful to you for a new set." The. organ at Ham pton-on-Th ames parish church, which wa,s presented by King William IV., is now being overhauled. A new founda- tion is to be laid for the instrument. j The death is announced, at the age of eighty- fnine, of Sir John Haliams, one of the oldest |solicitors in Lo««k»n, ami one of the most fami- [liar figures in legal circles for over half a cen- turv. I Malaria is raging in Eastern Zululand. and [there is serious mortality among the natives, j Magistrates, doctors, and missionaries ate co- operating for the relief of the victims. Since the reduction of the fines from ten to five pounds for travelling a.t excessive speed motor offences, says the Croydon magistrate's clerk, have nearly doubled in the borough. The Cumberland City Council is consider- fing a scheme for the const ruction of a road [between Wasdale Head and Borrowdale,, which, it, is considered, would be of great advantage to the Lake district. At Bushmills, County Antrim, a party of salmon poachers were surprised by police and other officials. The end of a desperate struggle was the arrest of four men. Two were cap- tured after an exciting struggle in midstream. A Russian recently arrived in this emitutry was let oft at Croydon, when summoned for a motor-car offence, the mayor remarking that he hoped that the first offence of an English sub- ject in Russia would receive like treatment. For the second time the mayor of Scar- borough has been presented with a pair of white gloves, there being no prisoners for trial. Mr. Macnaghten, proprietor of twenty-seven music halls, was granted a new trial in the Court of Appeal in an action for alleged libel against the "Stage." Silver articles worth .£500 and a set of sables valued at :.100 guineas have been taken by bur- glars from the residence of Mr. W. P. Robert- son, near Waltham Abbey. The body of a well-dressed man. about sixty years of age, with a razor close by, has been found on Putney Heath. There was a large wound in the throat. A shipmaster was tined at Grimaby for tak- ing his dog to sea and returning and land- ing it at Grimsby, thus contravening the im- portation of dogs' order. Mr. Roosevelt was met by the King and Queell of Norway at Christiania, and in the even- ing was the principal guest at a state banquet at the Palace. In consequence of another of the crew being ill. the British steamer Hindoo, previously re- ported with plague on board, liai been detained at Periin. ,ts -a suitable adjunct to the war memorial at Highbury Fields, the Islington Borongh'Conn- cil is to be asked by one of its committees to purchase two old-pattern guns and field car- riages from the War Office at a cost of .£8 14s. I Major Richardson has just supplied a bull ima-stiff named Buller for duty at Gibraltar to (the Admiralty, wlio have used his dogs for home l service for two years. A verdict of "Wilful murder" was returned at the inquest at Dalbury (Derby) against Amos Peel and John Dougan, suspected of having killed John Massey, an aged farmer, at Dal- bury on April 25. "I think," said the Marquis of Northampton at a meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society, "that we may soon see the society's col- porteurs flying through the air and dropping Testaments as they go in those parts of the world no missionary has yet been able to pene- trate." Dr. Glendening, superintendent of Monmouth- shire Asylum, was struck on the head with a stone by a lunatic and rendered line-oni- scious. He is recovering. After Charles Armaud had received a knife thrust while walking in the Baylevard de l'Ourecq, Paris, his assailant politely apolo- gised, explaining that he had mistaken" him for another man. Twenty thousand free tickets for the use of the poorest children attending London schools have been supplied to the London County Coun- cil Education Committee by the promoters of the Pageant of London. Provision is to be made in this year's Esti- mates for the completion of the underground telegraph lines between Leeds and Stockton which will prevent communication between London and the north being interrupted by storm. A man whose body was found in the Thames near the Tower Bridge left the following note: "I am going to crawl off the earth before I get trodden on and squashed. There are men and men in this world, but I suppose I am only a microbe." When Mr. J. R. Cobley, a shoemaker, whose death at the a.ge of ninety has occurred at Sur- ileet, Lincolnshire, wa-s sent out into the world at the age of ten, his mother presented him with a silk hat, and told him to wear it always. He wore the hat indoors and out of doors until the day of his death. The Hon. Newton J. Moore, Premier 'of Western Australia, has been received in audi- ence by the King at Buckingham Palace. During a case at the Old Bailey it was stated that brandy, obtained by traiul, had been sold by auction at lid. a bottle. While playing in a street at Burslem a child of two named Frost fell in front of a steam- roller, which passed clean over it. Mr. Shirlev Benn has been invited to con- test Plymouth as second Conservative candidate with Mr. Waldorf Astor at the next general election. In the first quarter of this year 279 aliens were refused admission to this country. To celebrate the passing of the Budget, a demonstration was held at Abingdon. There was a torchlight procession, headed by a brass band. Sir Edward .Strachev, Parliamentary Secre- tary to the Board of Agriculture, will address the Cornish branch of the National Farmers' Union, at Truro, on May 4. Owmg to the many additional dut-aeo reeeatly thrust upon the City Police, the Court of Gam- mon Council has recommended the appoint* meut of some 85 additional men. Entering in the guise of a workman the retd- dence of Mrs. Coke, in Wimpole-road, W., which was in the hands of decorators, a thief ransacked the rooms and carried off jewellerv