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j Ef IISME T". j TTk- new French l-jir'X. i t »--s r-,ti. fed by the r j Six Iambs have bsea i-„ >: afc'ihe i farm of Mr. John Kr-ight, SRoiSfe. i One of tlie King's barge W. Styles, has just died at Datchiei, t The Self-Denial Fund «i :• .ct -oix Army this year amounted to .£6 3d., about I X150 less than last year. Seventy-five lost children :r the hands I of the Ha-mpstead police on Monday, but all were claimed later. Owing to the attitude of /voters at Dun- kirk, France, over the q • .si the price of loading rails, a commit" merchants of the port has decided to sub-- w >rk im the docks. 't The Antwerp Society f r f'^r^teciion of Animals reports that recent .is .Us of decrepit horses at that city numbc: f fzom. Hull, sixty from Goole, thirty £ r<„ i^wcastle, and three from Leith. One of ¥ £ « <iil horses l»a^ to be carried. Mr. Charles Frohman h • -nred a new comedy in three acts, by A-: cay Hope and Cosmo Gordon Lennox, d "Hekzalo Paths," which will be prcd, at the Reper- tory Theatre. The Bar. E. S. Shuttlew vicar cf SL Paul's, Kingston-hill, has r<t • a cheque for £ 1,000 from a donor, who v "q to remain anonymous, towards the fu^ the comple- tion of the church, which is without a tower. One day's disbursements i." the North- umberland liiners's Union fv v 1¡, the strikers against the Eight Hours A a ,*("k:n condi- tions total j860,000. Close £ 100,000 in various securities is still at it^ ->• :i!and of the union. Stolen two years ago and r-covered, a. picture, "Surrey Hills," bv ¥ Leader, has again disappeared from tr» Gallery at Wellington, New Zealand. Mr. Burns has appointed c. nmitt^e. in- cluding Sir S. B. Provis, of cal Govern- ment Board, to revise the oi -tting to the administration of out-relief. "Our farmers want wives a message reoeivea irom Western A by the Premier, Colorvl Moore, v:; ■ present in London. "Send us as many as you can!" Losing his balance at a -X. > colliery, Midlothian, a mine inspector 1 Alexander Wilkie-Grahame fell from o to the pit bottom, a distance of 384ft., m i -is killed. Final arrangements hav< made in Brussels for the organise 11. during the miluinu-r of a regular airsh iti-iot between Brussels and London. In recognition of her havi Bord- wcll School for ten years anr rdle-nths with- out a.n absence Florence j was pre- sented with a silver watch Kieeting 01 West Suffolk Education Cck. For being drunk while in c v* & taxieab in Knightaoridge, William C "w at Lam- beth Police-court sentenced k nth's hard labour. Edinburgh University has :d the de- gree of Doctor of Music he ,a, on Dr. Frederic Cowen, the famous and con- ductor. Private William Freestone e old 4th Light Dragoons, who took he Balac- lava charge, has died at Wa •. v-aged 76, as the result of an accident. Colonel Harrison has ar Entebbe after visiting his pygmies in o. It is officially announced .al candi- dates are being secured i. kleld by Unionists in many placer qoUt the country. The sailing ship Emily, of Was sunk in the Irish Sea, near the i; a<it: a col- lision with the steamer P.1., her crew were rescued. I An elderly woman sudden nentally deranged at Waltham, Lin- ,¿nd, tak- ing1 off all her clothes, ran agh the village street. Three more cases of small ) occurred in Melbourne among the F,L xom the liner Otway, who are in q-Un.L. This brings the total up to five. Mr. Wynne Baxter, at a Tv ;-v-wt into the caae of a woman who •. v eating frozen rabbit and pickled f i he had heard that at some periods t; r rabbits were dangerous to eat. Owing to Canon Drew's 8if: -ecs. Lord and Lady Gladstone, who leaving Hawarden, have postponed t~: arture in- definitely. Miss Warrender, a follow o- Vale of White Horse Hounds, has appointed vicar's warden at a vestry n, Purton, near Swindon. Negotiations have been o .r fer one hundred Scottish athletes, p i High- land dancers from the Bra; ?ring to take part for a week, beginn 3, in the Festival of Empire, to be h, Crystal Palace this summer. A burglar who has been t, i •* serv- ing a sentence for breaking • -use of Lady Herbert in Thurloe-n. -l Ken- sington, has written coolly as < refund him half a sovereign which if n him by the police. Mr. T. T. Gre, of Cr ■ ,-ford, Herts, has consented to beet i candi- date for the Hitchin Divie next general election. The Pennsylvania Raiiro < led to increase the wages of all pe v employ by six per cent. This decisi t t c hus»- dred thousand men. About six dozen bottles r wine were smashed in the streei « Crosa owing to the breakdown of h*: wine ran in a rivulet along the t- Mr. James D. Lever, brr tJ W. H. Lever, head of the great i enter- prise of Port Sunlight, died; ;i<vugh, Cheshire. At the Kingston Childrei Matthews, aged eleven, a sc" > ound over for stealing sixpenny be- longing to All Saints Churel In connection with the -;)t of a house surgeon for the Nor- v ital, at Wisbech, one of the uns. J ants proved to be a negro. He > '1 quali- fied. The French barque Jeanne r which has been on the overdue list, tenock in good order. The vessel New Caledonia, on October 29, jatered numerous calms. The annual report of the < ble of Edinburgh shows a striki: "ose in drunkenness, which is largely i to the effect of the higher duty y the







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