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STARTLING EV^FNCE, Dramatic evidsa<i8 was given t L« ic .• tlx on Monday in the course of the inquest upon the body of the baby which was discover- <1 in ( an allotment, which had been held by a Great Northern Railway clerk named Frederick Beeton, who is now undergoing a, term of im- priao-nment for kidnapping a baby at Canning Tewn. The most important witness was a man who was undergoing a term of imprisonment, and who had come forward to give evidence. His name was not publicly disclosed. Frederick Beaton was in the same ward with liim. at f Wormwood Scrubbs. He asked Beeton what he was imprisoned for. Be-eton said he had stolen a child because he had lost one of his, which was illegitimate, and that its mother was a boarding-house keeper at Letchworth. He seemed very much worried. Some time later Becton said, "About the child. I did away with it, and buried it." Bect-on said he drowned the child, and was anxious to get out of prison as he had buried the child's body, and was afraid some one would find it. Beeton said he buried it in his Great Northern Railway allotment about an arm's length down, and that he had planted ItOWI cabbages OTer it. Beeton said that his tenancy of the allot- ment would expire in March, and he wondered if there were a chance of escaping fTom prison so as to get the body away. He told witness that he had "tolen the child in London so as to take it to the mother of the illegitimate child, and that, to hia surprise, he had been arrested. "I told him," went on witness, "that he was in a mess, and had better own up. He replied that he would get the body up, do away with it, and get another child. I was much dia- tressed at all this, and, having got permission to do so, I wrote to the police." Police evidence showed that as a result of information they dug the allotment and found the body of the child. A doctor said there was nothing inconsistent in the state of the child's body with accidental suffocation. The jury said that in the absence of a re- port of the analysis of the remains they thought there was insufficient evidence to es- tablish the cause of death. The inquest was accordingly adjourned for the analysis to be completed.



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