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.h 4 CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM. The Rev T. Rhondda Williams, of Brighton, who is one of the leaders irf the New Theology movement, preached a sermon, and delivered a lecture af Christ Church, Johnstown, on Tuesday evening. Councillor W. J. Williams, Wrexham, presided at the lecture, the ti. tie of which was Christian Socialism." The lecturer prefaced his remarks that although the programme of Economic SO" cialism was not to be found in the New Testament, nevertheless it was found fa' be quite necessary in our time. Social- ism meant more than a mere pro-x-arnme, of economic reform-it meant the spirit- ual awakening as well.. If they took the ethics of the New Testament as a suffic- ient guide for all their activities, they would do life a serious wrong. Tberc was the attitude towards women. The ideal woman of scripture was to be silenv and submissive. Modern life had how- ever to take into calculation, the militant' Suffragette. He thought the Church shonld be less of a reformatory, and more of a vessel1 riding upon the high seas of modern life. It should step down from the bank where it at present stood high and dry. untouch* ed by the eddies and curients ot the rush- ing life-stream, and should embark on the waves. They should retain its teach- ings as a faith, but should not allow it ta remain a clog on the wheels of progress/- Let the Christian spirit be switched on to Socialism, and the present competitive system, which was the very opposite to the Love thy neighbour attitude.? would be doomed. Christian Socialism meant that the Christian ethics were to be' embodied in everyday life-in commerce, and in all human activities. The present competitive system was not a fit channel into which the Christian spirit could be poured. Economic So- cialism was the best embodiment for the Christian spirit he had yet found. To-day the christian ideal was for use out of bus* iness hours. Business men could not go on waging competitive warfare a'1d at the same time live up to their ideals. Why ? Because the Chnstiani deal was co-opera., tion, not competition. If a Christian bus- iness man was to put his ideals into bus- iness, he would go under. The present competitive system, ft,td! been defended because it brought into play and developed certain qualities, such as energy, initiative, and capacity for managing. These qualities, however, were not moral in themselves. It all de, pended upon what moral force governed1 them. War developed energy and initial tive, but who would for that reason de-1 fend war ? The man' who blazed with alcoholic energy, too. Who would de- fend drink on that groiind ? No; the competitive system might develope energy in the few, but it made the multitudes i .j,j,, to machines. There was, however, a place for com- petition in the scheme of divine evolution. As surely as evolution toiled onward and upward towards a better order of things, so surely would competition have to go. In the meantime let them all help to pus it onward to make room for the next stage of evolution.