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;<r" J!JIIIL LI I!i .5m:;¡ "F_- 9 Cannot be I THE j | 'NEPTUNE P-t Fou-atam Pei. .iä r.t AND THE I 'BRITISH' o Stylo Pens. JBt-t Absolutely Reliable, 03 R.,Pst British Make. JZ3 PRICE-S FROM ^g-< 16 up to 10/6 Z [4 Carat Sold Nibs. Q) We stock them. f (—| Call and see one. E-i R. Mills & Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. OSS PES5Y for Eifrtit Urge Breakfast Cons of tba flneat fctoadad INDIAN ud CEYLON TEA. Send Set* wwing pottage and packing, for free samples.—TAYLOR'S tASLBT 00.. 84, NEW NORTH KOAD, LONDON. Attain, Mate 8ÐtI Female. wanted. SIGHT TESTING AT HOKE. FR INVALIDS and eJderiy people anaMe to travel, Linof Tr*ubraiet«r providag means of getting accurately fitted Speetwilem. Pull particulars on application, IHUR8. OPTICIAN, 251, High H LONDON, WAL ffllWMBOCTB and Records, any make, la. per u MI D—Wflma, Mureeo Biidg»-«tra*<, ^-ifrr VChVAIA. the <*1t Powder for maoving extnuiaeaa A Matter flasa ArtfOotal Teeth. Poet paidle.—p. L^e. StL iDriirtiiawUnai i.ia, London. T ADOBB' LOVELT DOBOTHY GILT CURB BBACELKT. L KgOTO rBMDAJTT and CHAIN, ONE VI7,PA ft WBDOGB, Ip. Sd. post ftae. LADIES' KETLE88 off! HBGRD wASuH, 4a. Sd. &coe|)*»owal value. Money retvaed p—» awpujped —Oagt. L., BAtrfaanfc, Thftfort. fUXT KflLMfc. pafla S* ftt, cm. caaha ga. fluagl* \J *a+r-&BMJd!M WOMB, OOSiagBCT. WHY SUFFER r UDV Q *hi«ii r* It I w? tut. nut peme OOHOKKTttATEB jatCOCOA 1 Y FEDDIGYNIAETH GYMREIG 1 I A oes genych I I Beswch nea Anwyd ? I A Y;M AN -S 1 A'ch llwyr weltfyi- I I 0 werth anmhrisadwy i, Blanl. I ■ Prisiau, rsl- 1MU :ls6tl. I 1 N Mending Harness & Belts 8 yourself is quite simple If you ui< BIFURCATED RIVETS. ■ lW^r!Li>iflB Nooeed to panch hotel. Simply drive fpand bend bock the Hfe WjtJ^ &)BBEBht prongs. Neat uul ctreng. Of n( v mST SSsBSSSlr'^ Irowaengei* or tend b. ■I jmSvhH fot b<n usorted to BUomted Iff and Tubular Rivet Ca, Ltd.. JH *SSU pper Thamn St. Londoa. Pice List on of JA IN "MAYPOIE" 1 MP MfTMUl d «T toadptt— parth—a> teaifc— W ». B. >A»iu— *■». M*. T°^°25'^3ff^KUgySH^L Dili, NATT INDIGO gKRO*.—Ooaranteed fall Eoyal Ksaval Quality. Na. 1,1* *d.; No. a, la. 6d. j*rraid. StedMawida. Carriage paid. Patter** free. Alaa ia Creata, WMto, Zia*, swig Scarlet.—Laka BOB, Naval OoatraetoM, H Xhooa-atreet. glyaaooth. PKTABLB HARMONIUMS and ORGANS, from £ 3 10a, Seal treat for Chxiatiaa workew. New intention, hghteat, iMMt Send for illaatrated liat.—Hariaai, W, Eastmad. 99Losdon. Keatioa tIaia During 1909 the output of coal from the mia" otgreat Britain amounted to 263.758,582 teae, an iriorease of 2,245,348 txnUpwod with th* previous year. During 1 bf:" military point-to-point races at CafiMs. Wiltshiw, Mr. W. S. Pilclier, of the o' > Guards, broke hia leg, and four hopow were so badly injured that they had to ahot. Th rule is, one mem ooronecard, not one one card," siud the Speaker in fch« fiour-t; of Commons, referring to the practice i; M.P.'s pMBiup on cards to rewrw epnts for il^ir Sti«+t<fs, and even employing a policeman tø ¿; ï+-o m ONLY FORM OF ADVERTISING THAT DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. A DVERTISING TAPE replaces string and advertises your & iusinesa. Irieluding Pi-intiug, it is uot more expensive iBms r4a 'iag; it is much neater, and the in»alu;ibl advertise- jyeat io therefore practically FREE. We will send you 6,000 Yards, printed with any advertisement, for 21/ jiHli i ii mrrf and Price List po,' free on mentioning paper. litATAU C#O., Sk Ptlcoa Square, LONPOfi. E.C.







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