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OR I I IFrame, with 7 bevelled ffl ■ timber is converted from the arirror*, height 45in., width 3Jia. JS n I tree to the finished article. 14/11 J[ 7ft high. with 4 ^"te M8-1"1* ^f0WlS guarantecal Carriage Paid et our SEND FOR SEDE)ING is on the specia) mach:,nery for cleanir4 flock iind 0 'v* H full ilxe flock Mattre. limn tick! 1 WICNBR Cfttffl "ft" pe»sr»M,le Cushion, j H Sin. thick, weight MH.I4J* 9 -#« 5% «*. tac*. to Cood H .1 Uphlt-.ry, t2i.. 3111 o' G A LIHOL^^ j Oak I)MSTEAD, wfth 251 OAK BEDROOM SUITE. 2't q; ro) Aers ..od ir, it, Brii sh Plate Mirrors Cappe.-i rnarble top z;!e back A st-Iier R.rl, S. Ch.i,, Zi in delivered free any istance- "13/9 -'£.6 17 6 I ¡ jS f| S/» v;m WAtmjT szoszoon slue, lur,* «:»» wiri,ri» u ■ BMWSWC* SUITE. 'Upholstered In Crocker* Leatbei K £ i°h 1,1, o»o I t.Mj "dg.. p 1. H Cloth ti I7» «d. Sh Cm# Ch»>™ «i(5 fSo. jj3 1 „ „ » lk§ With Side Clung on H» OnMlng Che»t aa Mutruca £ } j Similar design Upholiterid in American Cloth ie» flfii i!}l_ tart. f j B. work inside £ 3 l» M M ibv T!w same Suite with a 35t- Warirone in one piece. 26/- )<j«.\ aT J I Estimates on Application Enquires invited ROBT. JONES, ( Mechanical Engineer, Gas, Hot and Cold Water Fitter, Saw Guard Patentee DEALER IN STEEL, IRON, BRASS, LEA.D, AND ALL KINDS OF HARDWARE GOODS. WINDOW GLASS, Plain and Obscure, MURANEES, Clear and Coloured, kept in stock. ALL METHODS OF Heating, Lighting, Ventilating, Plumbing and Sanitary Engineering, HLSCTBIO BELLS kept in stock and bed at most wmodezate r ates. MONA GARDENS, RHOS, Ruabon. -H' ';) UP-TO-DATE PRINTING AT THE HERALD OFFICE, RHOS ■' — i i r j ir-'ii i FROM 116 TO 4/6 put in yonr pockets weekly. A small family will consume about 3 lbs. of Butter every week. which at 1/2 per lb, would cost 3/6. Hut if you PUT IN YOUR | orders at JARVIS'S for 2 lb. of his famous Dreadnought Overweight Margarine at Is. per lb, which means 3 lbs in all, costing 2s., you will be able to put 1/6 into your POCKETS WEEKLY But if you have a larger family, and buy 6 lbs every week, you will be giving your n family equal nourishment, and equal flavour to Butter on their bread, and yet save 3s. weekly. However s mem t t I F YO U BUY 9 lbs. every week, which some large familits do, you save no less than 4/6 every week or 18/- every month, which sum is equal to £11 14s. every year, by using DREADNOUGHT Margarine, which is equal in flavour and nourishment to the Finest Prize Dairy Butter. In fact, our Dreadnought is the North Pole in MARGARINE. You cannot get higher in quality. It has taken years of exploring and Careful research to obtain such a, high standard of quality as the Dreadnought" Brand Made in England in the largest factory in the. world. Money back if you do not like it. PRIeS Is. PER LB. HaIJ*lb. given FREE with every lb. ■ Ill I IIIIIWMnTlllllMllllMHOTM WHWTflllilillllll nTTiiilli I fflmWiil mmwtm TO BE OBTAINED ONLY FROM I mmm Its flavour is I ROBERT JARVIS I Ðz,.of Tea 5 IL LOVELY • ■ THE 5 -ven y Just try I people's popular Provision Provider 9 I with every a 3 Pound. | g^an^p^e\i st, 3lho$, & 'Westminster Stores, PonkeY. Pound. '-8I1.1MI!IIIl!. ,1- -lIr ORDERS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ON REQUEST. Telegraphic Address Nat. Telephone, 13, Rhosllanerchrugog. "Timber," Ruabon THE STEAM SAW MILLS, JOHNSTOWN, RUABON. ISAAC JENKINS, 'WEN Q P RO PR I E TO R. BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, TIMBER and SLATE MERCHANT. -.J"r DEALER IN ENGLISH & FOREIGN TIMBER MATERIALS KEPT IN STOCK:— Shafts, Spokes, Felloes, Naves. Field Gates, Fencing Posts and Rails. Slating and Plastering Laths, Blue Slabs. PENRHYN, CARNARVON, FESTINIOG AND GLYN SLATES Cement, Lime, Plaster, and all Building Requisites. PflPJSKJilfjWIjSiG, J?7IIj\PFING čk DEC0.TOIJ56. All classes of Turnery, Joinery and Plumbing work executed by a. Competent Staff of many years5 experience Inspections made. Reports and Plans prepared, Estimates given on application. pw GOOD MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED WK CARADOG ROBERTS MUS. BAG., OXON. F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M. (Piano) Organist of Bethlehem Congregational Church, Rhos, VJember of the Council of the Incorporat- ed Society of Musicians. Specialised in PIANOFORTE PLAYING Under Herr JOHANNES WEINGAERTNER. Terms for lessons, engagements as Sclo Pianist, Accompanist, &c., on appli- cation to Mount View, Rhos, Ruabon mn E. EMLYN DA VIES, A.R.C.O. Organist Congregational Churoh. Chester-st., Wrexham, Gives lessons in PIANOFORTE & ORGAN Playing, Theory of Music, &c. Engagements v accepted as Solo Pianist, Accc-m panist at Concerts, Eisteddfodau, Organ | Recitals, etc. TERMS ON APPLICATION. BROMFIELD HOUSE, SWAN STREET, RHOS.