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NOTES AND JOTTTIflGS. J The Coming Elections, The ward meetings have been held, and the nominations have been duly ap- proved by the Liberal Association. In the County Council representatives there is no change. Mr J. S. Jones has been chosen to represent the joint wards of Ponkey and Pant, and Dr J. C. Davies to represent Rhos and Penycae. Both these gentlemen were present at their respec- tive ward meetings, and both gave a sat- isfactory account of their stewardship. Mr J. S.- Jones has now been a member for twelve years, and during that time he has attended regularly and faithfully. That he has earned recognition among his colleagues is proved by the fact that he has been chosen chairman of the At- tendance Committee, and vice-chairman of the Ruabon Old-Age Pensions Sub- committee. Mr Jones is an earnest and enthusiastic worker, and has just that strain of fighting instinct which is of in- estimable value in a public man. We hope Mr Jones will continue to serve us as faithfully in the future as he has in the past. Dr Davies has just seen the com- pletion of his first three years service. A glance at his record shows that, although he leads one of the busiest lives in Rhos, he has yet found time to attend the most important meetings. He has taken, and still continues to take, an especial inter- est in the work of the Health Committee, and his presence in that committee will be a guarantee that whatever steps are tak- en for the preservation of the health of the county, will be efficient and sound. There is an old saying that the busiest man has the most time. This, perhaps, is as good as to say that the busy man always employs his time to the very best advantage. In the present instance we may be sure that Dr Davies, although he may skip an occasional committee, will give attention and devote himself to, matters that are important to his constitu- ency. The District Council- The nominations for representatives on the District Council show some little change. Three new members have been chosen by the Liberal Association, in the persons of Mr J. Tysilio Jones, Johnstown, JMr Samuel Roberts, Hope-street, and Mr Joseph Griffiths, Ponkey. It is rumoured that contests will take place in two of the wards. Mr Tysilio Jones has been nom- inated in the place of Mr Kyffin lor Pant ward Mr Samuel Roberts his been chosen to fill the seat vacated by the late Mr YVm Williams in Rhos ward and in Ponkey, Mr Joseph Griffiths takes the place of Mr \Vatkin Jones. The otht:r Ponkey member, Mr David Davies, hHS been re-elected. It is acutely felt that the representation of this neighborhood on the District Council is of the utmost importance, For a long time now there has been a feeling that Rhos has not been fairly treated by that Council. It was on- ly by compulsion that they eventually saw to the ancient highways. Everything in connection with the taking over of these roads was done in the most reluctant spirit. Complaints from the Parish Council calling attention to the neglect of the District Council in Rhos matters, passed month after month, and year after year, between the two Councils. It was the impossible attitude of the District Council that first planted the germs of the Urban Power movement. The Parish Council wriggled and strove to assert it- self, but the District Council seemed to exhibit malignant glee in patting them on the head and telling them to be good children, and not make a, noise. Period- ically, a doze of soothing syrup would be administered in the shape of the granting of some trifling request but the old dis- content wouid soon make itself telt again. This process between Council and Coun- cil has been going on for years, and the present election has given the ratepayers uo opportunity of sending up men who will make it their duty to press the claims of Rhos in no uncertam manoer. -it- A New Opportunity. With the forming of a new Council there is always a new opportunity. Who- ever may be the Rhos representatives on the District Council, it behoves them to act in unison, and to raise their voices on every possible occasion. The District Council is not a place to whisper but to shriek, it has been deaf to all Rhos grievances in the past and we have a no- tion it will remain deaf to the end of the chapter. One of the qualities and laws of inertia is that it will for ever re- main at rest unless acted upon by some outside force. Our representatives should in iH- case be the outside force that should agitate the iheriia of the District Council. They should make themselves felt more in the future than they have in the past. it they are habitually outvoted, they can harass, worry, revolt, and refuse to be quieted. We should like to see the Rhos members meet in conclave beforehand, j and fix upon some scheme of attack. Never let it be said that the wits of Rhos- ites can be outwitted by any other brand in the market. If p^gmr-enls fail let them take uowu a sheal of ratepapers and stag- ger them with our half-yearly demand notes or better still, let them each invite a District Councillor to tea, and pilot his captive through the mud of our streets. This movement will perhaps enable them to see the force of Rhos arguments. » Parish Council Honours- The nominations for Parish Council honours have been duly made. There are some changes, and possibly there may be other names mentioned in the forth- coming Parish Meetings. A most singu- lar thing happened in connection with the nominations in Pant ward. Three-of the old Councillors were unanimously elected, and to complete the number, a fourth was wanted. No fewer than seven names were mentioned for the vacant seat, but one af- ter the other declined the honour. One said it was a waste of time. Another en- dorsed this. All seven gave the meeting to understand that the honour was not worth accepting. Surely there is something wrong somewhere, when seven men refuse to accept office in the local Parliamentary chamber ? Where then is the fault ? The men were serious enough and meant what they said. In plain words the seven proposed members refused office because they thought the Parish Council was not worth, their serious attention. Now is not this a significant fact? When our best men, for very shame, will have nothing to do with the Parish Council, is it not time to knock it on the head, and go in for something else ?





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