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Cannot be Beaten J I THE j | 'NEPTUNE' CD l P-i Fountain Peas Q and thb 1 'BRITISH' o Stylo Pern. Absolutely Reliable. 02 Best British Make. J3 PRICSC PROM 4D 1/6 up to 10/6 Z 14 Oirtt Geld Nttw. I G) We stock tMm. Call and see on*. E-t R. Mills* Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. GJ'NT ,ant d to v sit T.f. )t Farmer*. Good salary I A offered.—.Vi, P;t, k- Fitichley. KIXKO AND ELfCTRIC THKATRES. GTI.T-KIX^E'D Security Rijfhl p#r cent. Debentures and a few S^ar-s. fnr S.vle at p*r.—Kin kg, 12, Aveaue- U^en't, Vill TTill Pnxfc. Acton, W. U & few S^ar-s. for S !e at par.-Riijks, 12, Aveaue- ino""t, Vill TTill Pnxfc. Acton, W. ONE PE>'WY for Ei(rht Larsre Bre«kfmrt Cups of the fiacat blended INDIAN and CEYLON TEA. Send <d4 post*ire and packing, for free samples.—TAYLOR'S TABLET CO., K4, NEW NORTH KOAD, LONDON. Male and FemaV. wanted. SIGHT TESTING AT HOME. t.s, Male and FemaV. wanted. SIGHT TESTING AT HOME. rB INVALIDS and elderly people tmable to travel, LisxW I r P*t-«bTineter provides means of getting accurately fitted Spectacle*. Full parHcMlars on application. UfARS, OPTICIAN, 251, High Holborn, LONDON, W.C. I EA1*» T MOTilKRS and PARfiAIN'8.—3 BIOUKM, 1 Skirt. S''11.-S^'in^r. 4H. St"*»Vbam Villi. SURGICAL ELASTIC STOCKINGS, 1/11, etc. Special Brk. 0 3/11. St*te size or List free. TALdia JfcWitonSpraf gv i-i i iare. effective, tjlg. S*ti^f-»<t.ion frtiarariteed. _S"rca¡ Supply. 19, Cannon-street. Manchester. J rULER BKATKS.—Brampton, l»/9< Kinc O'Bink, IRIP ( A Union S'"] Wheel-. CM; (lY'I!, till, -opt free. Lady's CO., Hfnr-1. E I UCES r DIRECT PliOM MANX-FACTORY. OUR I 1 lniro potolar PARCEL of PERFECT LACES LAUltO. FOR UN'DERCl/OTKTNG, ETC. IS. POSTAL Ordwr 'NO 8tmh*I. IS. POSTAL Ordwr 'NO ST%Mfltl. HUffl'S LACES, 12. FREDERICK TfeliUACE, BOTTIMGHAM. 8%fID.-Patatoee for Seed or Cooking, direct from Montrose, i Scotland, 3/11 ,.wt,. f3 15-. ton. Kree 011 rail, cash.- id. Ptn 1(.;¡l\1It. J>ort-mmlt.h. .naAiOftIØØ'"Beeordø, any make, I ig. per w»ek.— fjr P-sli paveculan,. Murwo Bridge-atraet, Maacheater. 6- WjirTALO,. <bs only Powder tor NBaria| tttoutoai from Artificial Teeth. Post paid la.—F. Lftm, BoothyiBFto'-row, London. 1 AfffW LOVBIA DOROTHY GILT CURB BRACELBT, it PHOTO PENDANT m.d CITA IN, ONE VTZPAX la. sd. poet free. LADIES' KKYLESK OXY- tCOZ> WATCH. 4s. fid. Exceptional value- Mxuey retarMd < a.t. L.. Briartmuk, Thetlord. tftaiX GRSA8S, Wtb. pails 2a St., i-»V caaks 8a. Samplt OREA88 WORKS, COKISBKO'. KUV OIICCCD from that Cough! There >• BO i^d ■III ourrcn whatever. Dr. Jeuier'iImomiwiS (■ftaooly top it.—Free awnple from Jones, Chemist, Bournis. 'pHtlk. (Base* 1i. aad a^g). F-RY ML A PURE OOMOEMTRATEB I No COLD MMouCOCOA I Y FEOmOmAETH GYMREI6 I 1 A 066 genych I 8 BftWoh. non Jinwyd ? I M S ALSAM I I'ch Uwjr weiHm. I I 0 Werth uuaknMdwy < BJanL I J Pristmu, U neu zs6d. J A CUM TOR INDIGFSTIOW. VlSfifMft PILLfl. tat mtaM ll 11" 7 *T Prioa la. 144.—Ink yo«r CheHfak, or laadon, W. 6 FOOTBALLS GIVEN AWAY WEULY T» oacn at MASON'S COTTEM KSS8MCK fertW SIX BEST STOKUtS rJOSKS writtm ma Peeteacd ■a eaeh wack. A<Mr«w «e-dar~ IftWSAIX MASON, NOTTINGHAM. MWIb't Huu'i Mb< luoa TBWa^TEAaiig gAliE OF THE HAIL fjnt another page we are able, by the sy of a celebrated Paxisian Beauty Steeeialist, to give our readers a valuable recipe 9W tonic and dandruff remorer. It is -.i.itl that the ingredients should be exactly asv&med, and if you have any difficulty in ob- Qm&jrtg them send a postcard to Madame Meta, 111 Great Portland-street, London, W., and it AN receive immediate attention.

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