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ON SALE A FISH & CHIP & Mixed Business in good working- order situate at Johnstown.—Apply, The Cote, near Tra- Inn: Johnstown. BOOK Debts purchased, cash down, any district.—W Jackson, 26, Cor- poration street, Manchester. WANTED A SMART Business Man as Vanman, one that has had previous experience preferred. Salary and commission.—Ap- iy W. THOMAS, Baker, Rhos. I MOLESKINS. Consign well dried In skins by parcel post to GARRETT & CO\ Springrove. Kew Bridge, London, W. Best prices with prompt payments. I SPECIAL NOTICE. NURSE Andrews L.L.H., C.M.B. BOD AWELON, HILL ST., RHOS, Begs to announce that she is open to accept engagements as Certificated Maternity Nurse. Also medical and surgical cases attend- H Ten years" experience. Terms-moderate. IBOS, BOWLING GREEN. -0- THE RHOS BOWLING CLUB WILL open the season on GOOD FRIDAY wbtn New Members will be enrolled. New Members are kindly requested to give in their names to the Secretary or the Treasurer. The Green is in excellent condition, and a successful season is an- imated. J Fortify yourself against Influenza %> by drinking JOHNSONS' GINGER WINE. Banover House Hall-St, Rhos M. THOMAS, Orocer and Provision Dealer Home Cured Hams & Bacon, Home Oade Bread. Currant and Seed Cake. Agent for Phillips's Pure Teas direct from the Ship. Stouter in Glass, China & Earthenware bioner, Tea and Toilet Service, Ac ♦ WEDDING PRESENTS 3Do* yeu. want to live Icong ? lite best means of so doing is by aatfttg Pure Home made Bread. WM. THOMAS, Jbas always made a Speciality 0& he FLLYI: BTOD Which, he delivers daily at QMtomert' own residence. TEA PARTlisTpiCNICS it meciaUy catered for at most reasonable terms. Nothing but the VBBY BEST UMJCERIES & PROVISIONS kept in stock. MARKET ST., RHOS, JOHNSON ST.. PONKEY Meetings and Entertainments Public Ha II, Rhos I n A SALElff WORK Will be held in connection with 'Siloh,' (C.M.) Johnstown, at the above place, Wednesday & Thursday, March 16th and 17th, 1910. Christ Church Congl., Johnstown. A LECTURE on CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM' ON TXJBSDAT, KABOB: 8, BY THE REV. T. RHONDDA WILLIAMS, Brighton. Doors open at 7, Chair at 7-30 by I Coux. W. J. WILLIAMS, WREXHAM, Reserved Seats, 1/6; Front, i/- Back, 6d.. A SBBMON will be delivered in the afternoon &t 4-30, by the Iter. T. Blun&da Williams. Collection at close of Service. Proceeds in aid of Guild Funds.. Eisteddfod Gerddorol Q-LAITEAPOW, 30UTHSBA. A GTNHELIB Dydd Lluu, Kai. 39aia, 1910. -0- TESTYNAU: (CERDDORIAETH) 1—Cor Heibion heb fod dan 35 mawn nifer., I Cro-aing the Plain" (Price). Gwobr, 98 gs. 2-Cor Plant heb fod o dan SO mevs nifer, Y Fordaith (Hopkin Evans). Gwobr es 3s. 3—Cor o Un Gynralleidfa heb fod o dein 25 mewn nifer, Anthem, Dow mawr y rfayfeddodan maith." Gwobr X2 2s. 4-Unawd Soprano, Brenbtnes y (E D < Lloyd). Gwobr, 10/6. 5-Unawd Contralto, fr 0 Llafara Addfwyn resn, (D Jenkins). Gwobr 10/6. 6-Unawd Tenor, Yr Hen Gerddor" (Paghe- Evana). Gwobr 10/6. 7—Unawd Baritone, Yr Ornssfc" (W Davies). Gwobr 10/6. 8—Unawd i Enethod o dan 16 oed, A little talk with Jesus (No. 103 Alex&nA r Revival Hymn Book). Gwobr 4J-; ail, 2/- IØ-UDawd i Feohgyn o dan 16 oed, "Swing Grace" (No. 76 Alexander B Hyntn Book). Gwobr 4/ ail, ADEODBIADAHX. ll-Adroddiad i rai dros 15eg oed, M Tr Tator us II (Hwfa Mon). Gwobr 10,16, 12-Adroddiad i Blant dan 15 oed," Dioddefaint y Gwaredwr (Emyn 102 o Lyfr Emynaa y Wesley- aid. Gwobr 5/. Beimiad Cerddorol: Mr G. W. HUGHES, G. & L.T.S.C., Johasfcown. Enwaa yr hdll Yrageiswyr ifoa yu Haw yr Yø. grifenydd erbyn Mai 2ail, 1910.. Ysgrifenydd: EL JONEB, Oak Villa, Soothsea, Nr. Wrexham. RHOS TOWN TALK. # That for General Groceries and Provis- ions, you cannot do better than buy at the Bank Stores, High street. That the quality of the goods are above suspicion, and the prices are remarkably low. That the very finest Prize Dairy But. ter is sold at z/2 per lb. That splendid Family Butter, very mild flavour is now sold 1/1 per lb. That the very best Canadian Cheese, good toasting, now offered at 71-d per lb, That real Danish Bacon, rolled. sweet and nutty flavour, is sliced fromgd. pee Ib, That very reliable Fresh Eggs, good boilers, are now being offered at 12 foe That good Cooking Eggs are sold at 14 for i j- J. WILLIAMS, Tea & Provision Merchant, BANK STORES, RHOS. STEPHENS' INKS ALL PRICES AT THE HERALD OFFICE <)


Eistedfod Gwyl Dewi yn Penycae.






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