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I P' ) ¡ .( ) I I A LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF BOX ED, STATIONERY \i ALWAYS ON HAND, NEARLY BOXED, AND AT PRICES TO SUIT EVERYBODY Boxes 3d., 6d., and 1/- Mourning Note Paper and Z-,nvelopeu —sdfrs— I I w F-oolocap Paper and ED. velop.Blotting Paper THE BEST id PACKET OF STATIONERY IN THE DISTRIGT. i A n I13"ES. MEMO 1; QOKS ACCOUNT BOOKS, EXEBCISE BOOKS, DAY BOOKS IsKDSSIfeS, &c., in great variety. R. MILLS AND SONS, il rinttrs, stationers, booksellers, Ijtetosapnts, H, ER A L D 0FFICE, R H 08 +. = 'Z- ':cJ: > -¡ '-= .0;' .í ■'■ ■- ;■■ II x If Buiviness is dull, that is the time te adveriÎle. Adverting, will turn the i "*15 dul.Ines.,i of to-day into the brisk trade of to-morrow. If business ia good, tint J | til. is the time to advertise. Sorely every merehttt wishes busineM to stay good. L and advertising is all warnim of this. No matter how much businus a I .1 ■ merchant it doing, he should not be averse to seeing it become better. Good I i advertising wiU accomplish this. The mm who has bed energy enough to I work up a good trade umully has the ambition to wish to see it grow and j grow. Then be should use more and better advertising- I j i I KIDS KII, ¡ .,¡.; AL lIT ;fø.øi!:d!j.1JT1' .¡nJIiIW1J111UII 'm- í r