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RHOS LIBERAL ASSOCIATION. Adoption of Candidates for the Forthcoming Elections. Mr Kyffin's ^Announcement. A meeting of the Rhos Liberal Associa- tion was held in the Public Hall, on Wed- nesday night, Mr W. M. Jones, presiding. There was a good attendance. C=k The Chairman explained that the bus- iness of the meeting was to endorse the selection of candidates for the County Council, District Council, and Parish Council elections, made by the Ward meetings of Rhos, Ponkey, and Pant, on Monday evening. COUNTY COUNCIL. I Mr Joseph Griffiths proposed the re-el- ection of Dr J. C. Davies, Plas-yn-Rhos, and Mr J. Stephen Jones, Ponkey, the old members, and the chosen candidates of the Ward meetings. Mr Richard Jones seconded, Mr C. Morgan supported, and both gentlemen were unanimously adopted. Mr J. Stephen Jones, who was present, returned thanks for his adoption. Re- ferring to the work of the County County, he said he felt that the representation on the Council was far from being even. Ponkey, with its voters numbering over 1,000 ought surely to have its own mem- ber. There were also sufficient voters in Pant, Rhos, and Penycae wards to war- rant their own respective members, He was also in favour of the delegation of more power to local authorities The Chairman said that a joint deputa- tion of Rhos and Penycae wards had seen Dr J. C. Davies respecting his ability to attend the meetings of the County Coun- cil regularly, and the doctor had promised to attend the most important meetings. DISTRICT COUNCIL. Before proceeding to read the names of the candidates selected by the Ward meetings for the District Council, the Chairman read a note which stated that Mr Kyffin wished to make it known that he intended coming out. He considered the action of the Pant ward meeting as a vote of censure upon himself. He had not received notice of the ward meeting, or he would have sent a written declara- tion of his willingness to again stand. He had been absent from home since Monday. Mr S. Rowley, (secretary) said he had personally delivered the notice of meeting 1 at Mr Kyiffn's house. M r C. Morgan said he was sure the feeling of the Pant ward meeting was far from passing a vote of censure upon Mr Kyffin. It was thought at the meeting that Johnstown ought to be represented on the District Council, and that fact had led them to chose Mr Jones as a candid- ate. 1 Mr Wm Hughes, Pentredwr, proposed! that a small deputation should be elected to see Mr Kyffin, and to explain to him the reasoh why a candidate from Johns- town had been chosen and that it was not intended as a slight or censure upon him. Mr Ken Wynn said he thought they had a right to adopt their own course. It was Mr Kyffin's place to keep in touch with the Association The time had come when they should have a change. From his point of view, Mr Kyffin did not represent the feeling of the constituency by a long. way He had forfeited the right to represent them on the District Council. Mr Tysilio Jones seconded the motion of Mr Wm. Hughes that a deputation should see Mr Kyffin to explain, and also to express their thanks to him for his past services. This was carried, and a deputation appointed. The Chairman then read the selections of the ward meetings as follows:- I PONKEY WARD I Mr David Davies, Glasgow House. Mr jpseph Griffiths, Chapel-street. I Both were passed unanimously. RHOS WARD Mr J. Tysilio Jones, Johnstown, Mr Jones was unanimously adopted. Mr Tysilio Jones in thanking the meet- ing for the confidence imposed in him, said he looked upon the representation on the District Council as most important. There were serious matters demanding their attention, and it was high time they looked into them. One matter was whether Rhos was not paying more than its share in rates. He thought it very undesirable from the ratepayers point of view that valuable rateable property, such as Hafod, Vauxhall, and Bersham callier- ies, and various brickworks were outside the Rhos area., The rates for those places were placed to the credit of outside districts, although the majority of the men employed there lived in Rhos dis- trict. Then again the shortage of land was a disadvantage. Houses, of course were rated, but land was not. These two facts made Rhos of less value. No one would speculate in Rhos when the place was so disadvantageously placed, and so overburdened with rates. He again thanked them for their trust, PARISH COUNCIL. PONKEY WARD (6 Members). The following names wei e chosen by the Ponkey ward, meeting to represent Ponkey on the Parish Council. Mr David Davies, Glasgow House. Mr Ken Wynne, Broad Sir -d. Mr Joseph Griffiths, Chapel-street. Mr Richard Jones, Beach Auenue. Mr Watkin Jones, Johnson-street. Mr W. M. Jones, School House. The above were unanimously adopted. PANT WARD (4 Members). The names mentioned for Pant ward were :— Mr C. Morgan, Johnstown. I Mr Joseph Charles, Wern. Mr Ted Jones, Osborne-street. Mr Joseph Price, Pant Hill. They were adopted unanimously. RHOS WARD (5 Members) The names selected by the Rhos ward meeting for approval Mr Samuel Roberts, Hope-street. Mr Wm Hughes, Pentredwr. Mr D. L. Price, Lyndhurst. Mr Wm Garner, Hall-street. Mr Llewelyn Davies, School-street. The above were unanimously adopted. MR HEMMERDE. It was decided to ask Mr Hemmerde to visit them and form a demonstration at a time most convenient to himself.


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