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I — I sP ^ip' jjjjpll. ^up 1 I A LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF gOIED STATIONERY ALWAYS ON RAND, NEATLY BOXED, AND AT PRICES TO SUIT EVERYBODY Boxes 3d-, 6d., and 1/- Mourning Bote Fapar an- d Envelopes Foolsoap Faper and Eavelopoe, Slotting F&P,er THE BEST Id PACKET OF STATIONERY IN THE DISTRICT. I GhOXiOD J' IMIIE3D^-XJ liTIECS. MEMO roOKS, ACCOUNT EOOKS, EXEBOISB BOOKS, DAY BOOKS XJSDQEBS, &o„ in great variety. B. MILLS N ID S- ON s |lrii!tcrs. tafiontrs, ^oohstllfrs. Hctesagmts, fa 0- HBEiLD OFFICE, RH08 ,.JU;L: -:= .——. r if sirsims is nun t1| If Business is 0011, that is the time to advertise. Advertising will turn the t I 'V^ak«gi dullness of today into the brisk trade of to-mo rrow. If business is good, that | is time to advertise. Surely ever} merchant wishes business to stay good, | advertising is an assurance of this. No matter how much business a | |_ merchant is doing, he should not be averse to seeing it become better Good j ( advertising will accomplish this. The man who has had energy enough to j wor up a good trade usually has the ambition to wish to see it grow and I grow., Then he should use more and better advertising. 1 t _u.. -@" r ? THE RHOS HERALD IS, A 3R 3Iwo I 81 F-" IMr. f' I .1 L. I.-JI_ Omni