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DENBIGH BOROUGH-ELECTION- PETITION FOR SCRUTINY We understand that on the advice of council a petition for a scrutiny and re- count of the votes recorded in the recent: election for the Denbigh Boroughs was lodged in London, on Tuesday with the object of claiming the seat for Mr Clement Edwards (L), who represented the dis- trict in Parliament from 1906' to 1910, The grounds upon which it is sought to" strike out certain votes by a judicial,scrut-, iny are (1) Infancy (2) personation (3) votes by paid agents and (4) bribery, The petition does not allege general bribery, but only seeks to remove the votes of those persons who have been bribed, or who have bribed. The petition further seeks to remove certain votes re* corded by persons who, although on the register, are tinder twenty-one. Efforts will also be made to prove (I) that cer- tain electors were impersonated, and had to vote on tendered papers and (i) and that certain paid agents employed by Mr Ormsby-Gore recorded their votes. The result of the election, it will be re. membered, was declared as follows: Gore (C), 2,48; Edwards CD. 2.A10 'I' }J" Conservative majority, 8. The votes were counted at Denbigh, and the narrow- ness of the majority caused a rumour to be- spread about that a recount would take place. No action was taken at the time, but for some days past inquiries have been made in each of the Boroughs, and the- whole matter was discussed on Tuesday morning at a representative meeting of Denbigh Boroughs Liberal Executivef held at the Wrexham Reform Club, under the presidency of Mr William Thomas of Wrexham. It was unanimously decided to lodge a petition. We are informed the seat will only be claimed for Mr Edwards if sufficient votes? are obtained for him as the result of the scrutiny and recount. It is not desired to ask for disfranchisement or for the unseat" iug of Mr Gore for bribery. The petition* ers will not claim the seat unless they can do so after the scrutiny by counting the votes recorded for Mr Edwards, and show-, ing that they are in excess of those given to Mr Gore. It is thought that the preliminary in- quiry will be heard at Denbigh. We are- informed that it will not be heard for some weeks..