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Ruabon Press and Doan's.I


Ruabon Press and Doan's. IMPORTANT STEPS. The publication in the Ruabon Press, o instances of local men and women hav- ing been cured of kidney and bladder dis- orders by Doan's backache kidney pills, has awakened such widespread interest that we have commissioned one of our re- presentatives to investigate them, and to ascertain whether the cures have proved lasting. To day we give the evidence of a Chirk man. Mr William Wilson, living at 122, Chirk green, Chirk, nr Ruabon says --I I I am sure Doan's backache kidney pills have done me more good than any other med- icine I ever took in my life. For years I suffered terribly with pains in the back and across the loins. I have a great deal of stooping to do, and I have been so bad then that I could hard- ly straighten myself. The pain was al- most unbearable at times. There were also urinary troubles the secretions were highly-coloured and contained sediment. I was tormented with sciatica in the right hip and leg. My feet and ankles used to swell and ache very much. I tried all manner of things, but got no relief until I used Doan's backache kidney pills. I have taken half-a-dozen boxes of these, and am glad to say that my back is better the kidney secretions are clear and natur- al. The sciatica is also a great deal bet- ter, and my feet and ankles doiit swell now. I am very grateful for the good Doan's pills have done me, and I am al. ways recommending them. (Signed) W. Wilson." Three and a half years after his cure, Mr Wilson said I have never been troubled with kidney complaint since I was cured by Doan's backache kidney pills some years ago. Doan's backache kidney pills are two shillings and nine pence per box, or six boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepence Of all chemists and stores, or post free direct from the Foster-McClellan Co. 8, Wells street, Oxford-street, London, W. Be sure you get the same kind of pills as Mr Wiison had.