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Correspondence. «


Correspondence. « RHOS MUD AND RATES. To the Editor of the Rhos Herald. Under the above heading there appeared a very remarkable letter from the pen of Mr John Evans. I may say that I have read it through and fail to find a single explanation why these things are as he siates. Certainly, I e suggests I that one Council should invite a servant of an- other Council for his alvice and experience what for I dont know. but if it is in respect to the mud I may inform him that neither the Par- ish or District Council have any control whatever lover. -uut. to tne Rates taese are created by the Council of which Mr Evans has been a member for many years. Why does'nt he in- form the readers of the Rhos Herald the reason for this state of things. Is it not a fact that this expenditure has been incurred in improvement to private property but he would like to mislead vour readers by trotting his pet hobby Urban Powers and inviting all candidates for the hon- our of representing us on these Councils to pledge themselves in favour of Urban Powers. From his letter one would think that U. P. would create a revolution in our district, we shall have the roads paved, sidewalks, &c, and at the same time a great reduction in the rates. If so would Mr Evans be so kind as to explain I why the Rates in Poplar are at 11/8 while those I of Pinner only 5/2. I presume that they have Urban Powers in these places and if we get two or three inches of mud for 9/2 in the £ how much will paved streets cost ? Does any sane man think for a moment that he will get these improvements without paying for them. Let us have a rousing meeting and let all candidates have an opportunity of placing his ideas and demonstrate his ability and fitness for the hon- our—let the ratepayers know who and what kind of persons are desirous of representing them on these Councils but let us have men and < not muffs. Men who are respectable enough to do the work honourably with all respect to other Councillors and thereby command the j same return and at the same time men who are not afraid to do what is right and just between man and man.—Yours, RATEPAYER. 1 P.S.—I am prepared to prove my assertion in the above ie expenditure on private property.

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