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RUABON POLICE COURT. ANNUAL LICENSING SESSIONS. THREE LICENCES TO BE OPPOSED Mr Arthur E. Evans presided at Ruabon Licensing Sessions on Friday, and there were also on the Bench, Messrs Christmas Jones, R. R. Jones, H. Dyke Dennis, E. Lloyd Jones, and C. Morris. THE POLICE REPORT. D.C.C. Jones reported that the division contained 69 fully licensed houses, and 42 beer-houses licenses to sell for consump- tion on or off the premises total 102. The population at the last census was 21,721, and thus gave an average of 215 persons to each licence. One chemist was licensed to sell wine for consumption off the premises. The licence of the Col- lier's Arms, Ponkey, was extinguished on Dec 24th, upon payment of compensation. During the year, 44 persons were convict- ed for drunkenness, 12 of whom were for being d unk on Sundays, a dt c eaê cf 31 on the total number convicted, and of one in the cases of Sunday drunkenness. The convictions for drunkenness during the past seveii years were :-1903, I6\i); 1904, i og 1905. 65 1906, 80; 1907,81; 190S, 75 39^9 44. One person was convicted ot being unlawfully upon licen- sed premises on Sunday. Since the last Licensing Sessions: three licence holders had been proceeded against and two con- victed. With these exceptions he had no complaint to make. DECISION OF THE BENCH. Mr Arthur Evans said the magistrates had considered the report, and they I thought it very satisfactory. It was a credit to the licence holders in that neigh- bourhood. He thought it spoke well, not only for the licence holders. but for the residents of the district, to find that there was an extraordinary reduction of drunkenness year by year. In 1903 the number was 160, and that had come down to 44, They were rather surprised and grieved to see that a good many of the cases were Sunday drunkenness. They hoped the licence holders would keep this in mind, and try to reduce it during the next year. All the licences would be renewed with the exception of the Sea Lion, Rhos, the Hand, Ponkey, and the Prince of Wales, Cefn. These three wou!d be considered at the adjourn- ed licensing sessions a month from that day. VISITING JUSTICES' REPORTS. The Clerk, Mr L1. Kemick, read the reports of the Visiting Justices. The re- port stated that a committee was appoint- ed to inspect the licensed houses in the Cefn district, with a view of considering whether any could be referred for compen- sation The Committee found the houses clean, and in a good state of repair. The nccommo-Nation and sanitary conveniences were satisfactory, with one axception. namely—the Prince of Wales, Cefn. Theie was another licensed house within ten yards of this house, and there were two other houses within a short distance. They recommended that the licence should not be renewed, and that the house should be referred for compen- sation. Mr Arthur Evans said the Bench ap- proved of the report. The Clerk then read the report of the justices appointed to visit the houses in Rhos district. The justices reported that they found the houses clean and in a fair state of repair. The accommodation and sanitary conveniences were satisfactory with two exceptions—the Sea Lion, Rhos, and the Hand Inn, Ponkey. The justices were of opinion that these houses were not required for the public use, and they recommended that the licences should not be renewed, and that the houses should be referred for compensation. Mr Arthur Evans, on behalf of the ma- gistrates then instructed D.C.C. Jones to serve notices of objection in the cases mentioned. KING'S HEAD, RHOS. The licence of the King's Head, Rhos, was transferred to John Phillips. RHOS PUBLIC HALL. A theatrical licence in respect of the Rhos Public Hall, was granted on the ap- plication of Mr J. Trevor Jones. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY." Acting-Sergt Harris summoned John Morris, Bank-street, Ponkey, for being drunk and disorderly on February ist. Fined 5s and costs. RHOS TERRITORIAL IN COURT. Richard Roberts, Gutter Hill, Johns- town, was the defendant in a Territorial case, and ^5 was claimed from him for failing to make himself efficient. Mr Bury said defendant failed to attend the annual training. Leave of absence was invariably granted if it was applied for. In October defendant was asked to state his reason why he had not attended the training, but he did not reply. If he had given some good reason why he had not attended camp, he would have avoided these proceedings. Defendant said he was ill at the time of the camp, and after due consideration, the magistrates decided to dismiss the case. HUSBAND AND WIFE. In the adjourned case brought by Eliz. Ann Edwards, Ponkey, against her hus- band, Ernest Oliver Edwards, Aberder- fyn, Ponkey, for neglecting to provide reasonable maintenance, for her and her child, the magistrates ordered defendant "35 per week to his wife.

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