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Wrexham Board of Guardians. —o— REV E K JONES AND THE NEW CHAPLAIN QUESTION. —o— At the meeting of the Board of Guard- ians, held on Thursday, at Wrexham, the Rev E K Jones asked if the clerk had communicated with the Chaplain (the vic- ar of Wrexham) the terms of his appoint- ment? Had he been told that he could not do the work by deputy ? The Chap- lain's report book showed that five or six different persons had performed the duties, and that the chaplain had been there five or six times out of 15 or 16 times. Had any contract been signed on the subject ? The Clerk said there was no necessity tor a contract The duties of the chap- lain were fully laid down in a Local Gov- ernment Board order. In all probability the services alluded to by the Rev E K Jones were conducted by the Chaplain's } own curates i The Rev £ K Jones said the Board had been definitely informed that the Chaplain had no right to delegate his work to de puties, excepting under certain circum- stances. The Clerk said the Chaplain had been laid up for some considerable time, and he believed the Chaplain could get the work done by others in case of sickness The Rev E K Jones said that what he wanted to know was whether the Chap- lain had been informed of his duties. The Clerk said it was no part of his du- ty to inform him. The duties were clear- ly laid down by the Local Government Board. Rev E. K. Jones: Then who is to in- form him ? The Clerk: If you have any cause for complaint you can go into it The Guard- ians can deal with the matter if they are dissatisfied with the way the duties are performed. Rev E K Jones: We discussed the question before, and Canon Fletcher was asked to resign for the very reason that he did not perform the duties himself. The Chairman Is there sufficient ground for any action ? Rev E K Jones I know nothing of extenuating circumstances. If the Chap- lain is ill I am sorry for it. The Chairman Will the Master tell us whether the services have been conducted by the Chaplain or not ? The Master The Chaplain has attend- ed some of the Sunday services, but not all of them. Mr J S Roberts Personally I would pre- fer to have an occasional change. It is much better than having the same minis- ter every time -(laughter). Mr Ellis Davies moved that the Chap- lain be notified that he could not delegate his work to another man unless the per- mission of the Guardians was obtained- Mr Cromar seconded and the motion was carried.

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