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ASTU''L SOI or are the retelf Furniture hiactutacturert, Jø Oreat Britain, for Casb t>r j ( illustrated abovewhere B Ith 7 bovged M B timber is converted fra-m th« 1L. mirrors, height 45in., width 371d. M I ■ tree lo the finisbed article. 14/11 H s ^0 UIS C A j j'J h i all intermediate profits ore • 7h high. with t. MirTon and China Cupboard— JB saved, you CSII fruy soun4 P) B -£2 17 6 substantial FURNITURE ai fl B Wh0le3alC J>nCe £ quality H guaranteed. Carriage Pmd oat our sisi,, SCNI) FOR H BEDDING ii rn*dc an the premises with B V H ^jpSrr?7 » fi and hair. Old HattroMes re-made. 13 B S ■ Full »ize Hock M*ttreis ii? linen tick. i I WO(W WM* •» M W 1 Sin. thick, welfiht 4Slb.-14,9 B r .»..»*« 1 «?'»• «•*«. e»l»A«>re* »•< In So«> j| 1 SPRiMO MATTRESSES, S S. IS Ul- l CARPETS S Li^OliUliiS l S^j^^Ctelr ««- W Jjhrrn iiiniiiii mi iiiiiiimpiiinn—imiiiiiii* ASTOS SON «* «d|l>iaBsaj* a CARPET ««RCWA.VT5. ant Im>M 1 lO^ifTl 1 I Immcnø Stock 11 Srt £ is3« uut I'll ffl | |i|H Foreign CarpaC* mad I AST4)NS 'Í' M THE 'PAERSET' 4 W6ven VAre Spring Mattress. Weiqht ztc..4s complete 23) i OAK BEDROOM SUITE. no othct ?-f m^roH with C.1ne 0' Ru;;h Sat Chairs i. nlk- deli\1cred free any ¡Ji:J!anc- 9 I 6 17 6 Illy TM STAX' 1 SAT114 a^wwon^r^«»^ 2 parts, *ft. wide the wafcc6. B"iu.h plt. BRUNSWICK SUITE, Upholdercd In Crocket'* Leatho H !S>Sp'^e»te4n!d««, C^^«°^WWp«nrt*,ewltHr«^7 ■ Cloth, fco 179 M. Cane Ck*r#< M 0. SB WitJi SWc Gl«««es on th« Oiretftlne Chen, m Hlwitratdd 0 Similar design. Upholstered in American Cloth test 1^. sxkxjl & work inside £ 3 18 Od The »antc Suite urith s 3ft. Wardrooe tn one piece. tea?. JW '), A I I *0} Wf-y v Estimates on Application Enquires invited ,— ———————————————————— ROBT JONES, Mechanical Engineer, Gas, Hot and Cold Water Fitter, Saw Guard Patentee DEALER IN STEEL, IRON, BRASS, LEAD, AND ALL i KINDS OF HARDWARE GOODS., WINDOW GLASS; Plain and Obscure, MURANEES, Clear and Coloured, kept in stock. ALL METHODS OF Heating, Lighting, Ventilating, Plumbing and Sanitary Engineering. BLBCTBIC BELLS kept in stock and fixed at most madertte rates. MONA GARDENS, RHOS, Ruabon. UP-TO-DATE PRINTING AT THE HERALD OFFICE, RHOS Telegraphic Aaron:- Nat. Telephone, 13, Rhosllanerchrugog. Timber," Ruabon. THE STEAM SAW MILLS, JOHNSTOWN, RUABON. as lum A C ISAAC JENKINS, PROPRIETOR. ¡ k BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, TIMBER and SLATE MERCHANT. -?" DEALER IN ENGLISH & FOREIGN TIMBER. MATERIALS KEPT IN STOCK :— Shafts, Spokes, Felloes, Naves, Field Gates, Fencing Posts and Rails. Slating and Plastering Laths, Blue Slabs. PENRHYN, CARNARVON, FESTINIOG AND GLYN SLATES Cement, Lime, Plaster and all Building Requisites. PTIPETONGip, PTIip* 4 DECtntfffiNG. All classes of Turnery, Joinery and Plumbing work executed by a Competent Staff of many years' experience. Inspections made. Reports and Flans prepared. Estimates given on application. §9" GOOD MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP Do yoix want to live lcong The best means of so doing is by eating Pure Home made Bread.. WM. THOMAS, J Has always made a Speciality 0. Pure flejilE-JflPE BElID JLN Which he delivers daily at customers' own residence. TEA PARTIES, PICNICS &0. medially oatered for at most reasonable terms. Nothing but the VERY BEST GROCERIES & PR0VJSI0NS kept in stock. [ 26 MARKET ST., RHOS, JOHNSON ST.. PONKEY Hanover House Hal I-St, Rhos 9 M. THOMAS, Grocer and Provision Dealer Home Cured Hams Bacon, Home Made Bread. Currant and Seed Cake. Agent for Phillips's Pure Teas direct from the Ship. Sealer in Gtas China & Earthenware inner. Tea and Toilet Service, &c WEDDING PRESENTS Dainty StatioQry ) .T p Car^e$toeH always 09 Oaqd at toe II .I]erald Offiee Fortify yourself against Influenza by drinking JOHNSONS. I GINGER WINE. To Merchants, Tradesmen and others. IF YOU Want a Cook, Want a Clerk, Want a Partner, Want a Situation, Want a Servant Girl, Want to Sell a Piano, Want to Buy a Horse, Want to Buy or Sell a Farm, Want to Let a House or Cottage Want to Sell House Property Want to Sell Household Furniture Want to find Customers for Anything ADYEKTIBE IN THE rhosxheraldI Business Announcements MR CARABOG ROBERTS MUS. BAC., OXON. F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M. (Piano) Organist of Bethlehem Congregational Church, Rhos, Member of the Council of the Incorporat- ed Society of Musicians. 1. Specialised in PIANOFORTE PLAYING Under Herr JOHANNES WEINGAERTNCR. Terms for lessons, engagements as Solo Pianist, Accompanist, &c., on appli- cation to Mount. View, Rhos, Ruahoa MR E. EiVlLYN DA VIES, A.R.C.O. Organist Congregational Church. Chester-st., Wrexham, Gives ienaoatt in PIANOFORTE & ORGAN Playing, Theory of Music, Ac. E'1lJyagMM""tSl accepted a tiolo Pianist, Acaom pevmst at Concert*. i(tu., Organ Recitals, eto. TBBMS ON APPLICATION. -1' BROMFIELD HOUSE, SWAN STREET, RROB. Good. Manilla sive- lop 2,66d per tqoo, R. Mill8 & SOD8, Herald Oftlee r- fata a Success. for me to say so myself-I'm only repeating only repeatin N what tens of thousands of )N thoughtful friends of mine say. Y I work silently, unceasingly, never splutter nor scratch. 1 fill myself in a flash from any ink supply. I am the perfect fountain pen- made in England by British labour. -I do not leak —I fill myself in a flash —I clean myself in filling —I cost 10/6 (upwards for a larger size). Tell your Stationer you want an introduction to Onoto the pen-and ask him to show you how I work. Then take me away and use me daily. That's what I'm meant for. Work 18 merely a pleasure and a jey to e p "The story of my life" will be sent free to an interested en application to T. DE LA RUE a Co., Ltd., 278, Bonbill Row, London, E.C. — sa-