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Doan's Investigations Continued. gAt "RTTABON WOMAS" COMES FORWARD. Our recent announcement, that we were arranging to conduct an enquiry into Doap numerous Ideal cases, has met with the wide spread appreciation of our readers. To-day a well known Ruabon resident comes forward and gives her personal experience, which she authorises us to publish for the benefit of others I feel better and brighter in every way since using Doan's baokache kidney pills, and whenever r cali recdinmend them I will," says Mrs':W'.Js, who lives at Park street, Ruabon. ^iiUrhad infieunza vpry badly, and after- wards I suffered terribly with pain in my ■.hack and across ^hloinsi; ItVhen I stoop- ed it was difficult for me to get up again. I colritd'nt sleep welljat'nights and I was as tired when I got up in the mornings as when I had gone to bed. I had bad head- aches and dizzy spells., I also suffered from urinary disorders and sediment. A friend recommended me to try Doan's backache kidney pills, and from the first they helped me. Now, I am glad to say y,.back iabe,tt,er, and the urinary trouble is corrected, I can speak highly of Doan's pills." Over three years later, Mrs Jones said 41 Doan's backdche kidney pills cured me years ago, and I always use the pills with the best results, whenever I get any signs of the old troubles. (Signed) Mrs M Jones." Doan's backache kidney pills are two shillings and nine pence per box, or six boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepence Ot all chemists and stores, or post free direct from the Foster-McClellan Co. 8, | Wells street, Oxford-street, London, W. j Be sure you get thf same kind of pills as I Mrs Jones had.