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RHOS MUD AND KATES. To the Editor of the Rhos Herald. As citizens, we feel greatly indebted to you Mr Editor iri eailiftg attention week after week through your columns to the dread. -i'L and filthy eof the streets, in Rhos and-Poiikey, and ^jiat supriao:^ me .most is the fact that our Par- ish Council is quite powerless in the matter. I cotisider it a great shame that those in authority should be so lifrporicerned with regard to the itfatter by allowing the principal streets to, be Cpiitinually covered with mud which in some > places is sevêval inches thick. .1 understand that ita the course of one after- noon alone no leas than 17 loads of this "D.C." mud was taken off a portion of Market street and deposited over the Ponkey tip and still in looking at the place, one could hardly detect that any had been taken away at all so thick 1 was the mud in the place. Well now, what is to be done 1 I should suggest in the first place that the Parish Council invite Mr Rees Evans t Surveyor to the District Council to a special j meeting without delay to get his opinion and ? suggestion on the matter. I am sure that Mr Evans who is always very obliging will be only too pleased to come if asked and render all the assistance he can. If however this esteem- ed officer finds that he is powerless to do any- thing more to our streets than he is doing i,e. by the way of having more macadam placed over them or have a smail footpath or parapet formed alongside the principal streets for peo- ple to walk on save trampling in the mud, then the next step the Council should take is to call a public meeting at which a strong protest could be made and sent to the District Council. I know of scores of places with streets as narrow if not narrower than those of Rhos, nicely paved or macadamised and with a splen- did parapet alongside for pedestrians to walk on and then if other places can get these boons' why not Rhos ? Something must be done and that-speedily. I hope that every Candidate for the next Par- ish and District Council will be asked to pledge themselves in favour of Urban Powers, other- wise Rhos will remain always the same while it is governed by an outside authority. Some people, who have not studied the ques- tion in its various aspects say that if we have Urban Powers that the rates will go up. I say it, will be impossible for them to go any higher ,than they are at present. Our present rates are 9/2 in the 2. Taking into consideration what we get the rates of Rhos should not be any more than 7/- to 7/6 in the £ and I do fully believe that if we had Uurban Powers and ruled our own affairs we could soon get them reduced to that figure. Why Mr Editor our rates are higher than in the City of London which are only 6/94. I have already shown in previous letters how our rates stood as compared with places with Urban Powers, such as Buckley &c., and it was proved that our rates were always highet,, that those places, and the reason for that is that we, in Rhos are governed by a Rural District instead of having Urban Powers and thereby govern ourselves. I now propose to show how we stand as com- pared with places a little further away from home than Buckley and where it is a pleasure for any one one to walk along the paved streets, as they are not troubled with mud the same iis we are here, and, indeed, the authorities would not allow it to remain on their streets for even a day. But we are obliged to trudge along e it for at least 6 months, if not throughout 'the whole year. ,;j The rates of the principal London and Sub- urban boroughs, etc., according to the latest statistics, are as follows :-Poplar, 11/8 Tot- tenham, 10/- West Ham, 9/4 Isleworth, /9 Enfield, 8/7; Woolwich, 8/6 Staines, 8/6 Bexley, from 7/7 to 8/7 Ley ton, 8/5 Batter- sea, 8/4; Woodgreen, 8/3 Shoreditch, 8/1; Ilford, 8/- Hackney, 8/ Chiswick, 8/- Nor- wood, 7/- to 7/8 Lewisham, 7/8 Lambeth, 7/3; Holborn, 7/2; Finchley, 17/2; St Pancras 7/1; Barnes, 7/- Chelsea, 7/- Croydon, 7/- St Marylebone, 7/- Sunbury, 7/- Wandsworth 7/- Carshalton, 6/10 Friern Barnet, 16/10 London, (City of) .6/9% Ealing, 6/9 Merton, 6/8; Loughton, 6/8; Kensington, 6/8 Pad- dington, 6/8 Thames Ditton, 6/8 Tedding-, ton, 6/7 North She'0n, 6/7 Deptford, 6/6 ChippingJ Barnet, 6/6; Harrow, 6/6 Wdst- minster, 6/6 Richmond, 6/6 Hampton Couit 6/5 Wallington, 6/4 Elstree, 6/2 Surbiton, 6/2 Uxbridge, 6/2 Bromley, 6/1; Kingston- on-Thames, 6/- Penge, 6/. Bedington. 6/- Sutton, 6/- Beckenham, 5/9 Ashford, (Mid- dlesex), 5/5 Banstead, 6/4 Harrow, Weald, 5/3; Pinner, 5/2. As I pointed out, our rates at Rhos for "irbe past year were 9/4 but if the next half-year rate will be the same as the last, which I under- stand will be, then the rates for the Parish of Rhos will have reached exactly 10/- in the And what do we get in return for them ? I will leave it to your readers to answer the question. Is it not time, therefore, that we should really go in for Urban Powers, so that we may get some improvements for our money ? The races could not possibly be higher than they are n If anything, I think, they could easily then, with care, be reduced to 7/3 or 7/6 in the zE. Yours etc., JOHN EVANS. P.S.-Since writing above I have been offi- cially informed that the rates forthe Cefn Mawr Parish for the present year are only 7/7 in the £ and those of Ruabon 6 4.



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