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IRhos' Hint to Ruabon.


Denbighshire Education w-


.The late Mr Robert Daniel,


The late Mr Robert Daniel, IN MEMORIAM SKETCH. In the death of Mr Robert Daniel this district losta very prominent personality, both Socially and religiously. Though he belonged to the parish of Esclusham Be- low and most of his work as citizen was performed in that parish, he was well known in the Rhos district, & also took a lively interest in what was going on here Mr Daniel was a true Welshman who had spent his life from his youth among English-speaking people, transacted most of his business in English and attended an English place of worship, but kept his Welsh characteristic intact to the last. He was Welsh in everything except often in language. With his Welsh friends he frequently conversed in that tongue and his intonation was such that one might easily come to the conclusion that he could spea* no other language. He pos- sessessed also a warm Welsh nature. He came to Rhostyllen about 45 years ago from the Vale at Clwyd. He fertned Bryn-yr-owen with great care and skill. He held several public offices, such as As- sistant Overseer of the Parish, Clerk to the Parish Council, Secretary of the local Education Authority. Though not a great scholar he performed all his duties with methodtand efficiency. He was a man of penetration and grip and he had a wonderful capacity for work. In his religious life I mostly came in contact with him. His religious character was a rare combination of the emotional and the practical. He was full of relig- ious fervour. His religion was a joy to him. The Bread of Life was to his taste It is true that he had his favourites among the preachers, but he gave a sympathetic hearing to all. It was touchingly said at I his funeral that the preachers had lost a real friend. He attended faithfully the Prayer and Church meetings and took part in them with warmth and wisdom. He was also a practical man. He carried his religion into the affairs of life. He also took a prominent part in Church affairs both at home and in the Presbytery The finances and the different institutions of the Church were always safe in his hands. He was a fines specimen of a Cal- vinistic Methodist deacon. A few years ago he was elected moderator of the Lan- I cashire &c Presbytery and he conducted the business of the Presbytery with court- esy and dignity, but he ruled by love more than by authority. He was very practical and wise in his decisions. His love tor the Church at Tabernacle, Rhostyllen was of the finest order. One might imagine that he considered hi3 home-church and minister the very best in Christendom. To him undoubtedly it was so, because in it he was. deriving his greatest spiritual pleasure. This was a noble trait in his character. In life he en- dured many afflictions. It was a great trial to him to lose his only son the late R 0 Daniel in the flower of his youth but the sorrow was made to him a means of grace in the consolation which he derived through the full realization of the verities of life beyond. Now he has gone to enjoy in a new sense the higher life. R.W.R.

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.-Hoax at Hafod Brickyard.

Denbighshire Education w-