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NEWS AND JOTTTNGS. ANOTHER CLEAN SHEET. For the second time in two months net a single Rhos case was down for hearing at the Ruabon Police Court on Friday. This is more than satisfactory when it is considered that for the last month we have had a more or less election atmos- phere. The people of Rhos are inclined to get warm and enthusiastic at election times, and in the past the 44 flowing bowl" has played its part in swelling the list at Ruabon Court. But notwithstanding the eJection and the accompanying elation of sa large majority, the charge sheet at Rua- • boe has not been stained by a single case. tW è hope this decrease in the crime of drunkenness will continue to mark the life of the district. FREE LECTURES. The agricultural lectures given in the Rhos Council Schools are not attracting ;very large audiences. The more excitable election meetings may have affected the attendance, but now that the election is iover, the lectures may attract a larger number. The lectures are free and are given by the lecturer of the North Wales 1 University Extension Fund. It is rather a pity that the subject matter of the lec- tures do not appeal to the average Rhos- ite. Agriculture is hardly the all-absorb- ing subject in a thickly-populated mining town. Now if the extension lectures had to do with the subject of mining—an industry by which the majority of Rhos people earn their livings, the lectures would certainly have been more largely attended. THE COMING ELECTIONS. The County Council, District Council, and Par'sh Council elections are to take place in March. There is every liktihood of a sharp contest for seats in the new Parish Council. Rumour has it that the .prospective candidates for Parish Council honours are strongly in favour of Urban Pbwers, and that if they succeed in win- ning their way into the sacred Council chamber, they will make a strong effort to revive the question. The present Coun- cil is about equally divided on the question so that while some members seek to intro- duce the subject whenever occasion affords the opposition receive the hints in chilling sitence. URBAN POWERS. During the summer months, when, the streets are dvy and passable, people for- get al I about Urban Powers but when winter, with its trail of mud and misery comes, the question raises its head again. Somehow the mud suggests rates rates suggest the Parish Council the Parish Council suggests improvements and im- provements iead us to think of Urban Powers. Tli:,1 present Council, which has been in office for three years, has made more than one effort to 44 take steps in the matter of obtaining Urban Powers but all the steps taken have been the steps soldiers take when they mark time-no progress is made. These last few weeks the demand notes for th& hnlf year's rates are staring people in the face. And well may one stare at the special sanitary rate of is 8d in the ;C,. A special sanitary rate levied on the i!ii-r-cihitant,,i the streets quag7lires of mud seems ridiculous. Yet there it is. And there it is likely to remain for years to come un- less the new Council 44 take steps/' THE HEAD AND THE WALL. It is said there is to be a contest for rep- resentation on the District Council in one of the wards of this district. Rhos re- presentation on that body however is hard- ly of any use. The claims of Rhos are habitually ignored, and the remonstranc- es of Rhos representatives are pooh-pooh- ed. This has gone on for years row, and ,our representatives are pretty sick of the whole business. It is all very fine to urge the old maxim" try, try, try again," .ar.d to point out the moral of Bruce and the spider, but when one is steadily out- voted by ten to one, its gets rather mon- otonous. No. There is no hope at all for Rhos in the District Council. And no one knows this better thah the Rhos members of that Counbil. A BOON AND A BLESSING. .t t t ¿'8.. runner developments are torthcoming 4of the League of Young Liberals. A movement is on foot to arrange for the openiag of two rooms, one to be a billiard room, and the other to be a debating room. The necessary initial capital re- quired for the renting of the rooms and I' the purchase of a billiard table, is being subscribed in a number of ten shilling shares. The rooms will be open nightly excepting- of course Sundays. In addi- tion to the debating and recreation room there will also be a reading department, where daily and weekly journals will be placed at the disposal of the members. The movement is in the hands of a strong committee, and there is every prospect of the venture turning out a success. It has long been felt that a club of this descrip- tion would be a boon to the young people of the neighborhood, and it is to be hoped thai the new club will be run on Hnes that will appeal to the majority of the enrolled members. While instruction and mental! improvement should enter into the object of the Society, it should be remembered that its first and foremost aim should be relaxation and recreation.


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