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t | j**a» — <s» m> mm me* m m set m tn «a — an «»<■» »«■«» wmmmmm eg lOe dferiis i fl "NAVY f| k f 1 Rubber Heels I ] aji ——|L—, A jfe i V/j There is satisfaction in wearing Redfern"* Navy A11 UQU M Pads—the satisfaction of knowing that every step yoa u0| • [J take costs you less because Navy Pads wear longer « « | L jp| than hard leather heels—longer than other rubber heels. • -—1 *-— There is also the satisfaction of comfort. The spring t I of Rcdfern's Navy Pads materially assists the natural spring of the | < foot, and that means easy walking. | J I I ~TTTT* But if you would be satisfied, see the name • < W "Rccuern's" on every pair of your rubber heds. I Men's. 6M-per pair; Ladles' and Children's. 4|d.*ar aair. P < Of all Boot Dealers and Stores. IjJ t Red fern's Navy Quarter Tips for those who prefer B m MM SSStjII this style of rubber heel, are just as good in Quality as E I \±/ gggig Navy Pads. H* tT" "fly Write for BoollJet- Hk I RedfcrWs Rubber Werks. U4.. Tl Q Hyde. Near Maocfcestar. U 4p BENSON'S .WATCHES' MST YALUE in THE MARKET, IT MAKZKt CASH PRICES. 1b Silver Cant. (7^2? JfcJu8t the Wa*chMfor ffiWif/ The MARVEL of the 20th teNTORY. BENSON'S MKT\ 1 /^SGK ENGLISH LEVER. FFG £ S>R "Y*7E wi»h the puWic t»bny a Goo^ IOWDO*. IH VV MADE ENGLISH LEV Ell, iostnut ■MallBStf 1MI of common eoantry-iu&de English, Swi* or I ill mil HaB American work, and are sure fihey will ffr>4 M 1111 IH much cheaper in the long run, hence oar m y /M dnotion of this Watch for those who do sot wish Jr « || io spend more than £ 3 103. wi jfJEwSr The movement is f-platc of onr hept, f.onSM make, Jew^ed in 7 actions. In Massive SUrliag Silver, Crystal Qlass Cases, £ 3 10s- Sent free and safe-at our risk, to all parte of the World for cash, or P.O.O. *DS1)SOU'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 to £ 300. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMEJP* O RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, &«., Ac. Post free om application. In Silver Cases. A. aPJt BENSON'S I TflSgLEYER WfiTCiira Cftn only t*5 excelled by the New English t.i'Vor <•■=• rtbed IB above, A Kound Waieh a' a very low prtca In is ri>pg Silver. Crystal Glass Cases, price £ 2. Unequalled Ly any other W tticb sold at the pri,e. (M/L ttWM Sehetions of Watches or Jewellery sent free on receipt of reference. fisy ,!■• Jlpi OLD WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE Ik I flK9 'WATCHES and JEWELLERY sent free by post at our rink toa& 114. wNSN parte ot the World or Cash f*r Peat Omc. Order. J. W. BENSON, Ltd., r A klMSS H.M. TJ3B QUSSXTS WATCHMAKERS, \|f\| tJMF the steam factory— TiW 62*64, LBDGATE HILL, LONDO" CLOCKS for Presentation Church, Behoo4. and Public Bulk"DBL Vi«noui^BS Post Fbss. THE LIGHTNING BINDER For all classes and srzes of Papers, Music Lecture Notes, Sermons, Statements Letters, Magazines, Periodicals. &0- Perfectly tight but immodlately released. lltlilttlU H" tft" .t.n.. 'f' I' '"14H"" ItUf' di ,.fUl. 'M 'Pt.I' "t" 'n,.tI." f' seir'ACTuiG 1A Wonderful Office TIDY. Bound in Full Cloth: Strong Steel Spring Backs 'p"IU;i'h'Ij. "1'" "If' h' II.' .oI" h' .¡I"¡j' "1.' Call and inspect pame at lIte Miills & Soae, MeraM, Office Mhmm