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r" nv- ¡ A LARGE AND VARIED S^GCK OF I GOIED STATIONERY I ALWAYS OH PAND. NEARLY B02SED. AND AT PRICES TO SUIT EVERYBODY I Boxes 3d^, 6^ *n& 1/- c: and to 1 *a>^l 1 THaaS BØSIl" .,¡ LD PACKET STATIONERY: 1 IN THE -a I .3 f Hi irat^s* ^)*C^XjXJ *D>i^rr^S'^3l-i3-I-j T"^4 s MEMO BOOKS, ACCOtTKT BOOKS, BKEECI3E BOOKS, DAY BOOKS I LE-D'JUBS, &c., m g^eat variety. I N S E. MILLS AND SONS," I fjratcrs, Stationtrs, ookstlltrs, Uftosagtnts, OCt. I all HEEALD OFFICE. ¡ RHOS | "I (.' x}. I I, Ill I* _I -777- I & g op X I' IX liS, XS VLL .1 t—————— -= =——— —~1 II j if BwlMH is Anil. b *» «*» Advertising will turn the j dullness of to-day into the brisk trade of to-monow. If business is good, that I ^ft1t V,s lh, time to rim* Surely every merchant wUm Imimm to .toy good, J and advertisiIl b aD usumnce of thii. No matter how much businesig a I _J| merchant is doing, he shoold not be avepe to seéing it become better. Good I advertising will accomplish this- The man who has bad energy enough to j work up a good tnde usually has the ambition to wish to see it grow and j grow. Then he should use more and letter advertising. | J } 1\ opal j j Ill