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EAST DENBIGHSHIRE. TORY MEETING ABANDONED AT RHOS. The streets of Rhos on Friday evening last presented a scene which would have struck terror into the heart of the stout- fist Tory. The Public Hall had been en- gaged to hold a meeting in favour of Mr David Rhys, the Conservative candidate, and it was rumoured that Mr Ormsby- Gore, the victorious candidate for the Denbigh boroughs would accompany bim. Mr Gore had aroused the anger of all Rhos LiberaHs by his utterances against Mr Lloyd George, and they wece very desirous that Mr Gore should have an opportunity to apologise. Mr Gore had also said at Wrexham that the peo- ple of West Denbighshire were sick of Sir Herbert Roberts; and another of his speeches was adorned with the sentence H If you stick a red rag oi a wooden doll and ask Rhos people to vote for it, they would do so to a man." These phrases had stuck in the minds of the people, and it was with more thin ordinary idle curi- osity that they looked forward to his com- ing. They wanted to see Mr Rhys very b idly too. Mr Rhys had been going up and down che ti I visioti making capital out of the name of Dr Cynddylan Jones and the people wanted so draw Mr Rhys' attention to the fact that Dr Cynddylan denies the things Mr Rhys, with such gusto, says ribout him. So, on Friday night, a great concourse of people awaited the coming of these two gentlemen. The Public Hall was opened about seven o'clock, and was quickly failed to the doors. Around the building also, a large crowd had gathered, and along the streets a procession of children carried an effigy of Mr Rhys. It was evident that a good deal of excitement was expected, for a large number of people from Cefn and Wrexham were present. Everyone sported his colour, and one looked round to vain for a piece of blue. Eight o' clock came, but there was no I ,.ign of the doming of the Conservatives. Several false alarms were raised, but the booing heard in the distance proved to be the final funeral rites of the maltreated effigy, who ended its short and buffeted existence in a most inglorious death. The waiting crowd in the Public Hall, j having sung and sung again, at last con- verted the meeting into a Liberal one Speeches by several prominent Liberals were given, including a rousing one by the Rev T. A. Thomas, Johnstown. The victory at Wrexham by the Conserva- tives was referred to has having been ac- complished by the aid of the beer barrel, supplemented perhaps by the support of the Anglican church and the canvassing of Father Quinn. Time crept on and still there was no sign of Mr Rhys. The people were un- willing to disperse, and walked about in the hopes that something would happen. When nine o'clock came, however, it was felt that neither Mr Rhys nor Mr Gore would favour Rhos with their presence that evening. So the meeting in the hall terminated with a v *e of confidence Mr Hemmerde. On the following d Jy the Tory pape stated that it was not the intention of M Rhys to hold a meeting at Rhos theu night; that as a matter of fact he was that evening addressing a meeting Chirk. The fact however remains thai the Public Hall was engaged for Mr Rhys for that night. The only intelligent eic- planation offered is that Mr Rhys was stopped on his way from Chirk to Rhos, and advised to abandon the meeting.

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