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E?,TOME OF NWS. p I' 4own by an elect4 .-f.'rirz tfclizclfl at *r o '^ester, Thomas Potts (• of » Selby. seventy-sever., Atd swa • a • g in West N-iUiuglu j e. -Ai. u of eighty, named Doe. mlu, suddenly Akv voting at Battle. 1 e C iagr Lady Kensingeoa ft as .died is I Cc. *<' ifcer & short illnees. i-j >r amuil report of tli-e ?ic-yai College of Art .t is elated thai about i, eee o hi, ,q were drawn from .<• :;J"- and the ii r »s>s of Yorkshire, and Btafiordcnire. additions were made •••> r. Zoo last me .ight being* hardens. Aiu.g »hem were a long-car--c Ic from the Trs" ira»!. a. wart-hog from eight cu<< i reiifiUxl ducks li in the irt-i i << and a green vilwr «*\v the col., k-ct. •. fi-m the Gold Coast. «■ "tr- '.tar Gilbev Las sol.' hir <wn reei- CimbridgT House, R-. ;-ark.. to ii- "1 of Chesterfield, v. Messrs. Kjii^iii., i raiik and RuUey. TL. is anuouno- in York of 1'; daughter of M: Gould, to ¥. ;■ Ainhony J. Drexol, ju- ,-Ji, Mrs. xf-e weii known in Lo; ii< .'ety, and ac a ;i stess Mrs. Drexel is vti • Ant ojiicl ia Frattini. who w:s £ :»<iity-two joarc O'kl, shot hern It' at Padua- because, as she erp]"ined in a kiter, slic hrul been await- ing <1> «vth for fifty years, and tiv; £ was no IJlgØ at yet of its coming to her. The Writtle Nose Club has sei. LZ) lis. 6cL to tiio Ch'slmsfcrd H.:aj)ita:. c Uvc.td at the Cock av.I Itin from tho~:<_ • i-o 'sikt? snuff. Custouiers with large uoses, on faksng a pinch, aro charged one penny, while those with small ones pay a halfpenny. Ernest Hold.vcrili entered the lion** eage of a travcuing mem1-g..rj. at Beveai«b'>, and after caressing the lion and lioness, «v>Moy-"d a cigar ,,ne lrr,t and "lass of champagne, arfl nailed at the back of the cage (>lIe 01 the eleetioii addresses J of Mr. Gershon Stewart. A p^iasant named Kovotni walked in the State Bank at Prague and pereuij.toiiiy de- naanded the savings he had put in a week before When the money was paid out he counted it carefully, and then handed it back with the explanation that he only wanted to»ee if it W¡,S still there. The Works Committee of the Central (Un- (employed) Body for London reports Having had under consideration the draft agreement to be entered into with the Council of the Festival of Empire with reference to a proposed scheme of work to be carried out at the Crystal Palace in preparation for that event. Tie work will be undertaken by men selected from the un- employed list. It is recommended that, the agreement be approved. The Easter holidays will begin at Winchester College on March 30, and at Dover College proba blyon April 1. The jury at the inquest at Liverpool on the captain and passengers of the Elian Yannin, which sank in the Mersey last month, dis- agreed with the theory of a collision. At the Old Bailey Frederick John h. Horwood was sentenced to twelve months' irø- prisonment for, libelling his brother Stephen- I It was stated that, in consequetee. of libellous letter6 which he sent to, his brother's employers, his brother lost; a situation which he bad had for ten and a-lial^ years. As the Grimsby steam trawler Avon was re- turning to Fleetwood in a gale site was blown on to a dangerous part of the coast- The Fleet- wood lifeboat was launched to go to the ve»«eV» assistance. Heavy seas broke over the trawler, but the crew refused to leave the ship. "Iloo trawler at low tide was high and dry. A terrible storm at Gex-Ain, France, raging for twenty-four hours, flooded t,ic surrounding plain, which was transformed into a vast lake, railway cocrymunication being interrspted and considerable damage done. During 1909 members of the Women's Home Mission Association raised by halfrcrown sub- scriptions and gifts of needlework a total sum of £ 15,693 for the support of clergy in poor .parishes in connection with the Additional Curates' Society. While driving his van, James White, a Hagr gerston c-art!ran, was attacked, it sc stated, by a dog whica wa. on the van, in charge of a lad. This caused White to fall into the rord, and lie was fatally injured. A verdict of At.d. dental death was returned. While watching a football match at Bosses- ion, Frederick Crickmore, a ten-yea^r-old-boy, was taken ill. and died later of rt failure, possioly brought on by excitement, it wa» stated at the inquest. Pictures of pieces of crude sculpture which archaeologists have assigned to as retioti a, period as 6,000 to 8,000 B.C. were shown at tivt Royal Institution, London, by the Rev. G. II. W. Jolints, who gave an address on "Aissyri- OlOPfJ." Railway constructiondn Nigeria is makissg" good progress, and it is expected that by Sep- tember next there will be through railway com- munication-with the city of Kano, the great trade centre, which has been termed the chester of the Soudan." According to a Parliamentary Whiter-paper, 22,151 people-12,032 British and 10,009 foreign subjects—left the United Kingdom for places; out of Europe during December. Of this tram- ber 7.300 British and 1,567 foreign subjef--ts went to the Colonies. Miss Mary Ann Pendlebury of Underwood, Lancs- daughter of -the late John Pendlebury, M.D., left 5,41^67, A two-yea r-ol8 child named Louisa Pee tie was | burned to death in a fire which broke ont in & £ room on the third floor at 76/PknnWrs- jjj row, Whitechapel. | A telegram from Berlin states that the Ger- man Minister of War has ordered the eonstrne- tiou of stations for military dirigibles in all the Prussian garrisons which possess sufficient land space for experiments and exercises. Lieutenaut-General Sir Robert Baden-Powil is to be presented with the freedom of Hawick on the occasion of his visit to the town in March next, to inspect the Border Boy Setmts- An agitated hairdresser at Sooilniark County-court- exclaimed, "I cannot pay only give my life." "Wouldn't conviviality lose its meaning If--ffe wa« based on toast and water?" Judge Bbtsoa asked at the Bloomsbury County-court. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of L' rdon visited Mr. Chamberlain at Hfghbuxj. 'Hii-inin<rham, and chatted with him in Ms !iL"iy. When an outburst of applause from the back. <-f liie court and tlie public gallery occnrred in. the Diyoi'ce Court the President ordered every- not directly concerned in the caec t, t'» 0 tiirued ont of court.








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