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Rhos and the Polling Day.

- Polling Day Scenes in WrexhamJ

Receiving the News at Rhos.



Mr. Hemmerde in the Division.

Liberal Meeting at Ponkey.

What a Rhos Woman Heard.


What a Rhos Woman Heard. Many a man owes his success and hap- piness to taking a timely hint. A Rhos woman tells us here how she heard of something which enabled her to overcome a serious difficulty. As a remedy for kidney complaint I have every confidence in Doarv's backache kidney pills," said Mrs S Edwards, of 5, New Street, Rhos, Ruabon, when giving the details of her experience for publica- tion. I had been suffering for two years or so with pains in my back and a general feeling of langour. I had no inclination to J to exert myself, which was very trying at i times. I read of Doan's backache kidney pills in the newspapers, and decided to give them a trial, although I had used, other remedies without avail. I took Doan's pills for some little time without apparent benefit, but with the second box of them I began to feel relief the pains in my back were less troublesome, and my health gen- erally was improved. I shall persevere with the pills a while longer, and hope that my cure will be a permanent one. (Signed) barah Edwards." Do you have rheumatic pains ? back- ache ? pains in the loins and sides ? dizzy spells ? is the urine high-coloured, painfnl in passing, scanty, or gravilly ? are your eyes puffy ? your ankles swollen ? are you irritable and depressed? do you soon get tired ? If you have to answer 44 Yes to any of these questions, you have kidney trouble, and should begin at once with Doan's backache kidney pills of which your neighbour speaks so highly. But if you neglect kidney trouble it may end tatally. Doan's backache kidney pills are two shillings and nine pence per box, or six boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepence Of all chemists and stores, or post free direct from the Foster-McClellan Co. 8, Wells-street, Oxford-street, London, W. Be sure you get the same kind of pills as Mrs Edwards had. RHOS v DRUIDS RES. The above league fixture was played at the VVynnstay Park last Saturday, Rhos had most of the game and were very un- lucky in their shooting but never-the-less they easily beat them! by two goals to none.


Penycae Council School.

Mr Gore's Allusions to Mr…

Vicar Prichard on the issues,