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Rhos and the Polling Day.

- Polling Day Scenes in WrexhamJ

Receiving the News at Rhos.




ELECTION TOWN TALK The other day a certain Conservative in Rhos let a goldfinch out of its cage because the bird had a red head At a local Liberal meeting one member of the audience said "You Liberals think you can do miracles." fi< I'm not sure about miracles," replied a Liberal steward, but we can cast out devils "and out the interrupter had to go. "You will repent Free Trade for every hair of your head," said one debater to another. "No fear," answered the man taking his cap off and disclosing a per- fectly hairless head. At the Conservative meeting at Wrex- ham, on Tuesday, one man was heard to say: "Well, if the Liberals are to win the Denbigh boroughs, they must work like his satanic majesty." Overhearing him, a lady turned round and said 44 No, not like H.S.M., for he works for every- thing that is bad, and the Liberal candi- date stands for everything that is good." A Wrexham Conservative was making a speech in which he was lamenting the fact that Liberalism would not benefit the empire. "Liberalism" he cried, "im- perils the safety of the Empire." It does'nt matter," shouted a voice, I nev-j er go to the Empire, I prefer the Opera) House." j I r6tfû11i.15.t¡i A good story is told of the Denbigh Borougn election. One d.-y last week a Conservative candidate approached a workingman's house and asked if Mr- was going to vote for the Conservative. The workman was not at home, but his I wife answering said He has'nt made up his mind yet, but I can tell you in con- fidence that if he votes Liberal he has been promised a new pair of trousers." Aba thought the candidate" a clear case of bribery and corruption." There- upon he urged the good woman to tell him who had promised the trousers. Af- ter a good deal of persuasion the woman said In strictest confidence, I promised to treat him to a new pair myself, for I don't believe in him voting tor the food taxers." Coliapse of the candidate

Mr. Hemmerde in the Division.

Liberal Meeting at Ponkey.

What a Rhos Woman Heard.


Penycae Council School.

Mr Gore's Allusions to Mr…

Vicar Prichard on the issues,