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Rhos and the Polling Day.

- Polling Day Scenes in WrexhamJ

Receiving the News at Rhos.



ELECTION JOTTINGS Mr Hemmerde spoke on behalf of Mr Lloyd George at Carnarvon on Monday. On Thursday week, Mr Hemmerde made a rousing speech at Oswestry in support of the candidature of Mr Edward Powell. Rhos Liberals learned with regret that tn' Mr Allan Bright was unsuccessful in his contest at Stalybridge. In a letter to Mr Seymour Jones. Mrs Clement Edwards says that during her illness Clement used to do his professional work by day, attend the house in the evening, and sit up and cheer her until three or four in the morning. Mr Balfour has written a letter to Mr. Ormsby-Gore, in which he says that no increase in the cost of living to the work- ing classes will take place owing to the effect of Tariff Reform. Mr Lloyd George passed through Shrewsbury on Monday. He was recog- nised by a number of people on the plat- form. It was remarked by one gentleman with whom the Chancellor spoke, that the right hon gentleman had aged consider- ably since last he saw him. "k The Suffragettes held a meeting at Llanfyllin on Monday. They were in- terrupted by the singing of the Land Song, and by cheers for Mr J D Rees. :fè'1IiID misssgsmmBm Mr Chamberlain has sent a message to Wales. He says :—"The Welsh have given up everything hitherto to the promise of disestablishment of the Welsh Church. I don't think they are wise in thus seeking for what will do them no good. I urge upon the Welsh people to take this opportunity for obtaining fair terms from their foreign competitors. Professor Ellis Edward said at Llan- dudno that Mr Lloyd George has done more for the poor than any previous Chancellor of the Exchequer, and what he has done is but the beginning of a great process of social reform. Lloyd George has convinced the working man that he is their friend and fellow-worker. Mr William Jones is putting in an amazing amount of work in North Wales. In addition to keeping his own campaign going, he is rendering excellent service in Mr Lloyd George's constituency, putting the issues before the people in the clear and picturesque style of which he is such a master.


Mr. Hemmerde in the Division.

Liberal Meeting at Ponkey.

What a Rhos Woman Heard.


Penycae Council School.

Mr Gore's Allusions to Mr…

Vicar Prichard on the issues,