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Rhos and the Polling Day.

- Polling Day Scenes in WrexhamJ


Polling Day Scenes in Wrexham J Wrexham, on the polling day was a scene of bustle and excitement from early morning until midnight. Motor_ cars, tf3pS, and vehicles of all descriptions rushed through the streets carrying elec- tors to the polling booths. Blue and red favours were worn by nearly everyone. fn the evening, there was a large influx or people from the neighbouring villages, the majority of w hom sported red favours. Crowds of people walked up and down, ? down and up, when the polling booths were closed, anxiously speculating as to who 1 had 44 gone in." Around the bril- !11..) :sghtiu v c; ciub, ft iiiaas of people were assembled-raising cheers rD, Otmsby-Gore—whilst around the cor ner, at the Reform Club, an equally large crowd of Liberals collected-singing pop- ular election songs, and cheering the names of Lloyd George and Clement Ed- wards. A knot of ardent Rhos Liberals made a stand near the Conservatiive club in High street, and for half an hour sang vigorously despite the effort to drown their voices by counter cheers. There was a large number of policemen in the town, but there were not many signs of disorder or riot. In a few cases, some of the partisans came to blows, but beyond a few bouts of fisticuffs, no harm was done. When midnight came, the crowds be- gan to get ready to hear the result. The votes were counted at Denbigh, and the news was expected te reach Wrexham about twelve o'clock. By that hour the Conservatives had collected in High- street, and the Liberals awaited the re- sult at the Victoria Hall. Inside the building Liberal hopes ran high. On the platform the local leaders sat in eager ex- pectancy, appeasing the crowds anxiety now and then with a few words of en- couragement. At twenty past twelve the news came. The Liberal candidate had lost by eight votes. The tidings cast a gloom over the assembly; and the crowd quickly melted. oS'

Receiving the News at Rhos.



Mr. Hemmerde in the Division.

Liberal Meeting at Ponkey.

What a Rhos Woman Heard.


Penycae Council School.

Mr Gore's Allusions to Mr…

Vicar Prichard on the issues,