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Rhos and the Polling Day.


Rhos and the Polling Day. Tuesday next is polling day in East Denbighshire. The Hafod miners, by arrangement, have decided to play on polling- day and to work on the Monday instead. Mr Hemmerde is due to address a meeting in the Public Hall on the day before the poll, and we have no doubt his final appeal to the electors of Rhos, Pon- key, Penycae, and Johnstown, will be heartily and eagerly re-ponded to. Never has there been ILICII a deep interest in political matters taken in Rhos before and never have the electorate waited 'with such burning nr-p .tier.ce to cast their votes against the food-taxers and in fa- vour of the Budget. Rhos, although there have been but few meetings in the place itse!f, is more Liberal than ever. They have been thoroughly enlightened on all the main and side issues in this election, and have long ago made up their minds that a vote given for Protection is a vote cast in favour of a food tax. The German scare has bardiy entered the minds of the electorate of Rhos at all. Familiarity with such scares has spread a kind of contempt. The one and only question that has filled the mind of Rhos electors has been the Budget and the Lords. Tariff Reform they have long ago dismissed. Like the drowning man that rises three times before he sinks for ever, the question has come to the sur- face of the water for the third time. The country see it floating and in this el- ection it goes down for the last time. The question of the Constitution has in- terested a large number of Rhos electors, and thev have come to the conclusion that the House of Lords is an obstruction -political appendicitis-in the Constitu- tion, and Liberals confidently expect the operating kniie of the rising democracy will some day cut away the obstruction. Tuesday next then is the day and the op- portunity. Let every voter see to it that his hand has helped the People's Budget cart up the hill and into the law. RESULT OF PREVIOUS CONTEST. 1909 (Bye-Election.) E. G. Hemmerde (L).6,265 Sir Foster Cunliffe Liberal Majority 2,721

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