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TI-I jfcText Tuesday is Toiling Day at shoo. Mr S G Sammerde stands for the People. Mr David Ehys stands for the Peers. Mr Ewnmerds stands by the grand. People's Budget of Mr Lloyd G-eorge. Mr Bays is the representative of the Dukes, Lords, and Landlords- Xr Hemmerde stands for the cheap loaf- Mr Ebys stands for the dear loaf- Mr Hemmerde's Party GAVE you Old Age Pensions. Mr Bhys' Party PROMISED them for the last ten years-and voted al- most to a xan AGAINST the Lib- eral Old Age Pensions. Mr Hemmerde stands for Repres- entative Government. Nr Bhys stands for an Oligarchy of Peers. Mr Hemmerde stands for Welsh Ideals and Religious Liberty. Mr Ithvs stands for an Alien Church. Mr Hemmerde stands for Temper- ance. Mr Bhys stands for the Brewer. Mr Hemmerde stands for Social Seform for the Masses. 11.rr Ehys stands for the selfish in- terests of the Classes- A vote for Mr Hemmerde is a II vote for Yourselves- A vote for Mr Bhys is a vote for I, the supremacy of the Lords. VOTE FOB REMMERDE. I ¡

Rhos and the Polling Day.

- Polling Day Scenes in WrexhamJ

Receiving the News at Rhos.



Mr. Hemmerde in the Division.

Liberal Meeting at Ponkey.

What a Rhos Woman Heard.


Penycae Council School.

Mr Gore's Allusions to Mr…

Vicar Prichard on the issues,