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,r EPITOME " "I .--


,r EPITOME "I M. B-l- ■<■< Vr-•■■■: "r j the- Frprd- S-nate br L ür,' ,n.' 1Hn(, ■■■■ j ini? ov«r o'Mir. ul• .> j <! A tiiiv has L- :■ ■.»; Tusy Olynipi; 'L'HC Oi.i-.vi JIRS <»snt • ••• f-v HO J TToval Wa!rloo LTospi'. ( ..il- ] 'i .y » r.r, v: <■ a- i-'cm r ¡ Ixjml-m. LeAd'" .Uf\llg :h{\ r:ftp, ,•« •• .1 fita 1 on "pont!<7 day ■■■ "ai-.i -v a p-j'TEtS of coppers c ijtur ■■ ■■■ HH- U- viurt. eomii:-«r.<i«g on f ■: > ;•«••• iy 1<> < !>•*» Cii-v fc*" Tli- .C:ror Wi2H&r:' :■ .i- a !i- h tri< u.r t«0 • :i "Il i -i? Sri -i tiexmAV.- I ■■V'-vr .Kn'r H-.TIU:, ■. -:i ur .-v; • • -t 1; r v-r pa.«W v- .ir •* a :») from K-.r r* A '-o i';<. %<■> h WOKld COf<t «'tr' fl'\ '■ Kf.OO- Mr. iT-er.rv Arv.r? \n Vk'wI I 'inard Mr. J v ikvlH'rta, C. Jlotf; ..tiryn-. « w<»ll-.lfnoTr?t u- j. t V; '^1- k<v(^r, "~rr fouutl dro^ :n •: vnt' 1:^+t FTTC Slii'l.lllg* Of t'VC V' i.clfT TiK" .A'"•'051 j»1 ri.te to n p-v'Xtfr. crt.'s! ii-.r-j'XiA i anowcred t;'K L^r.cr, il* B. ,E. Pete, of F' i-lviaoc, Hmigcrivji'-d, h-i d that he •• ',iv to twgin a eo- prsr'ti'- system e aiwork on h wililf, 9, man wns t't N<'Wtoii m. Cy:v. i!cn, oi»« of h-v ^craez i.c; r'y • iy.I U, an o!d mang»y.«;'uy 'a £ ubfikl«iice. The Bruesels t»ewspa|v-• state ..r>'iT!o< Leopold and Charles, two Mil"; yi tho Kiiig. aj«i nine a:1 respec have bee^ suffering fro: tlt-e. last lew clays. Prince Louis de U-pr.e- hso bcea eoroinis- Kior;'Hl to proceed to io tliank King Edwr.id for the -de«t>»teli of ihe Duke of Con- rnr.ght his Majesty'* rspm«rjfcaiive at King Ir opoM'y fxmeraL The Bufl»<-Pee{h ncw.?>Aperr, confirm the nfws that Count Hederv&rt ir,te»dis to under- the. formation of a Cabinet ow a dualistie bnsis without imelndifj^ in t-h.7 Miristry any r-Mir^scntatives of the Ko94ftifcSiosJfust.il parties. The Prefect of Police k115 forbidden the AI! Ittxssian Aflti-Aleoholic rww sitting in St. Petersburg, to ditwsss# tl»e Government Tc-dki morsopoly or its beas^ing cyn tbe natinnal finances. H has also y.d (¡of.t reporta on aleo- hlism from trade uiem ..because the latter are not legally reeognisffl. Mr. Timothy Desmond, a well-kiaotrii raoc- horse owner; has died at. CV rk. A pfieal is made by the National Canine De- fence League for help to eonslrcet in towns Pild villages lethal chambers in which stray dogs may be painlessly destroyed- In response to a of the council of the British Cotton Growing Aassoeia- tioa. the Earl of Derby has atcepied the,, presi- dency of the association in suceeøwn to itu-, late Sir Alfred Jones. Convicted of fraud on the Commissariat Department, ten Russian offieer*. including two lieutenant-colonels, were condemned at Kaza. to expulsion from tlle serriea; £ 17,0DO is to be recovered from them. "The future of our F;ehoali8 CMUI depend on the I)-osition, accorded to tltem in scieisee," said Prcifessor Armstrong at the armaal meeting of the Association of Public Sehool Science Mas- ters in Westminster School. Still hale and hearty, Tfeoma* Turner, of Edgwick-ioad, Coventry, iq-as belli'inger of St. I Edward's Church, Leek, Staffs, for seventy years, and rang for Queen'e Viek»ria,s eorona- 'tien. Tlie Divisional Court- decidnl that ? bench of maeihtratet) has no pnwer to i«»rae a warrant for the arrest of a motorist eliarged with exceeding the speed limit under the Motor Car Act, when he is represented by a solicitor, who pleads guilty on his behalf. Thieves have entered the pavilion of the Bank of England Sports Club at Putnev and initde off with considerable booty. When a youth named John Tasker was charged at, Lambeth Police-court with assault- ing a woman, a gentleman sitting- at the bar- rister's table rose and said he was in ihe pain- ful position of appearing' not only the prisoner's advocate, bet as hi* father. The prisoner was fined 15. "The greatest surviving mltrage Off deeettej/' said Professor H. H. Turney at the annual meeting of the Mathematical Associa- tion, "is the treating of all boys alike until an age when they are supposed to be old enoitgk to specialise. A gardener inighti as well treat all his flowers as cabbages." At the Aldeburgh sprat dinner the cfcairaian, in proposing the toaetof tiie evening, regretted that the past season had been racfe a bad o&e for the fishermen and the town. Chas. Henry Vickera, who obtained quitnlities of goods, etc., by pretending that he was a. man of means and other false pretences, was sentenced to eipbt months* impr at Reading. Pleading guilty to sending a letter xhwateffi- ing to murder a young woman named Sarak Neal, after she had broken off -an engagmi-ut with him and become engaged to another inaa, George Blackwell, a cook, of Kilburn., was aen- tencod at the Old Bailey to twelve aw«tl» hard labour. King Edward and the Prince of Wales will have several days' pheasant and rabbit footing in Windsor Great Park during' the last few days of the month, when the Court will be its resi- dence at Windsor Castle. "My live children had to go to bed sapper- 5 less, and I did this on the £ the moment," was a man's explanation at- the North. London Police-court on a charge of fefdng" fonnfl on unoccupied premises. He was remanded. Mr. Edwin Larcombe, known att over flte country for his work in connection with the Unity of Oddfellows, has died at BriafoL Two bodies of members of the Elian Vannial.0 crew have been washed ashore at Sout&port. Five years ago William Clark, a .Dalstoa beer- house keeper, shot himself with a iwoi'srer, the bullet lodging in his head. On Saturday week last, lie hanged himself, and it was stated, at the inquest that the bullet was extracted the poafc mortem.












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