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SELECTION TRAGEDY. —<?-— 'CROWD FALLS INTO AN AREA. Tragedy attended a meeting of Irish electors -•Which"" was to have been held in Whitechapel en Friday night. The crush was so great out- gids the Cable-street Town Hall that the rail- ings fuve way, and many in the crowd fell into •jhe area. One who has not yet been identified was several others were injured. The was abandoned. The names of the injured are: Thomas ,.sulH'&t!.lL Richard Collins, C. Samuels, M. ■jSinmumds, Jack Winn. William Reid, John ..Jjaeks-ois, and W. Woolf Dyuiien. Fully two hours before the time of meeting fihe strc-r-t tecamo crowdcd with people anxious "to obtain admission, m,jL it v.-as estimated that ii.Cf/O people had a«se;;ibkd. Part nf the pregramroe WRS the escorting of ■ ft# speakers by a band from Whipping Station -.fo tl-f- hall. When the piooesjion reuchcd the -ir'eiiiiiY of the Tonïl Hal! jl¡;.y found the space Jn 8ind for a coE.-dderable distance on or it already ciowded. The organisers tilt, mceiiiig, a< ciug the condition of affairs, gal" to tcdiriit sQm-e of tli > crowd, and there ga 'iijj'y rush towards tho entrance1. The greatest pressure by !h« crowd was on -the ri^lit-hand eide of the main and sud- ^4-fsly the }i')>V' rJiil iron rai'ivt s were seen to £ hre way, and that portion oi the crowd which 'j¡;d t:dll forced against tlicm was flung with ill* railirgo into the area ten f{'<'t. or so below. Th=j er.? of horror scorned to have some Effect ill inducing pressing behind to re- ¡1F the pressure on those, ill fr«»ut, and steps taken by tin? oiffcials in the ^nt^rlor of the building to rescue these who i)¡:liQ fallen in the area. As soon as possible 1i1:¡1f a dozen or ni(rt.: were dragged ■^through into the basemei't. Mere it was seen .111, 4-itivi ttttc man, aged hbout fifty, was already AtZtl, The others sustained only sliglit in- jjuri^s. When the tragedy became known both 1.H)èr1 and Conservative reeetines were ^topped, and canvassers for both sides with- draws. The unfortunate ml:a who was killed was ofto-.rw-at-dt; identified as Andrew Ramsay. His -widow lives at Tail's lane, Dundee. He was j§p&?n4 on the ss. London.




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