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Mr. Rhys at Brynteg.



Chirk Resident Withdrawsj…


Chirk Resident Withdraws Nothing. "WHAT I HAVE SAID, I HAVE SAID." Many of our readers will call to mind the statement made some considerable time since by Mrs Phillips, of Chirk-green Such interest has it awakened in Ruabon, and the neighbourhood that we have com- missioned a reporter to interview Mrs Phillips who withdrew nothing from her statement, but on the contrary made a most important addition. Mrs L Phillips, of 93,, Chirk, near Ruabon says —" Ever since I can remember I haveisuffered from kid- ney complaint and weak back, and the older I grew the worse I got. I had ter- rible sharp pains in my back and across my loins that made my work a burden to me. After doing my washing I could hardly straighten my back, and at nights f the pain was so bad that I could not turn from side to side in bed. I suffered agony from urinary disorders. My feet and an- kles used to swell, and ache very much I also suffered a great deal with headaches and dizziness. 7 I had medical treatment, and tried many different things, but I got no bet- ter until I used Doan's backache kidney pills. These pills helped me from the first, and now that I have taken five boxes of the medicine I feel better than I have done for years. My back is all right and I have no urinary troubles. The swellings in my legs and ankles have gone down, and I am wonderfully improved in every way. I have told a lot of people about the good Doan's oills have done me. (Signed) Lucy Phillips" Over thrdeyears later% Mrs Phillips said I still have unabated confidence in Ijoan's backache kidney pills. I consider they are a splendid remedy. I always take a few doses if I feel at all out of sorts and I invariably obtain relief; Doan's backache kidney pills are two shillings and nine pence per box, or six I boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepeoce Of all chemists and stores, or post free direct from the Foster-McClellan Co. 8, Wells street, Oxford-street, London, W. Be sure you get the same kind of pirlls as Mrs Phillips bad.

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IDenbighshire Pensions.

No Cases at Ruabon Court