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EAST DENBIGHSHIRE. -0- MR HEMMERDE'S CAMPAIGN. MEETINGS AT° RHOSTYLLEN, ACREFAIR, AND RUABON. Following upon an eminently success- ful series of meetings in various parts of the country, Mr Hemmerde resumed his campaign in East Denbighshire on Thurs- day evening, when he addressed crowded meetings at Rhostyllen, Ruabon, and Acrefair. The hon. member delivered ad- dresses at each place, and was everywhere enthusiastically received. The meeting at Rhostyllen was held in the Assembly Rooms, Mr Thos Rogers presiding. Mr Hemmerde, who was en- thusiastically received, said he was spead- ing all his time helping wherever he could and wherever a seat was in danger, to do his best to smash Tariff Reform. Mr Hemmerde pointed out that the sugar and tea taxes had been reduced and he hoped in due course these taxes would be re- moved entirely. The present attitude of the Tories regarding Old Age Pensions was merely electioneering hypocrisy. If the Tories were not going to abolish pen- sions, they were going to reduce their value by increasing the cost of the neces- saries of life. How was the coalminer to gain by Protection ? If the purchasing power was reduced, the consumption of coal would decreaee, thus causing less work. Miners had nothing to gain but much to lose by Tariff Reform. In deal- ing with the land question, Mr Hemmer- de said they could immediately develope East Denbighshire if they valued the land as embodied in the Budget. The more industries they developed in the district the more purchasers there were for the goods they produced. At Acrefair, the same evening, referring to the Old Age Pensions, he S lid that many aged men and women in that dis- trict were made happy by that Act. Mr GaUand had just given him the figures for Ruabon district, from which it appear- ed that 380 aged people were getting their pensions (cheers). They had in that Parliament done more for Labour than had been done in many preceeding Par- iiaments put together. The Army was stronger that it had ever been before. As to the statements made of the Navy, he said they were so unBritish to be always crying out in terror about what some other nation was going to do. Btitain would hold her own as bhe had done in the past. (Applause) At Ruabon Mr Hemmerde said that for the life of him he could not undetstand how any man could at this election vote anything but Liberal and Labour. Refer- ring to the legislative measures passed by the Government, Mr Hemmerde said Holdings and better houses could be ob- tained providing they sent men to the County Council who wanted to demon- strate those Acts. They would find land rated at £ 2, but if they wanted to buy it they would have to payct,ooo an acre. (Shame). The Government said it was a shame, and if they once valued the land they would kuow what to pay for it They must have the land valued first, and put on a tax in a sensible way, and not in a hap- hazard way like at present. Buildings which afforded employment for brickmak- ers and others was impossible unless land was cheap and easily got at.

Mr. Rhys at Brynteg.



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IDenbighshire Pensions.

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