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EPITOME OF NEWS. » A public attorney in Germany recieves about E',50 a year, and a minister of justice £1,800 a year. After thirty-one years* service the highest ht- come obtainable by an elementary teacher in Berlin is Z212 a year. The population of the British Empire compt-ises about 22 per CPllt. of the entire population of the world. Before a sailor in the Nary can be put in cells or sent to prison he must be reported medically fit to undergo the punishment. The peace strength of the German Army is approximately 619,000 oMcerg and men, 111,000 horses, and 3.300 field-gong and howitzers. The oldest library in the world is that of the Vatican. It was founded by the Emperor Augustus. Vienna bas&"Silence Club," the members of which spend the evening together without talk- ing. In the event of war Japan could place an army of upwards of a quarter of a million in the field. In 1859 there were no railways in Queensland now there are 3,560 miles of State owned railways. One of the curiosities of the Isle of Maho, in the Indian Ocean, is a chapel built of coral. Fifty years ago Queensland had only 3,253 acres under cultivation; while to-day she has about 600,000. Japanese gorereigng form as unbroken dynasty since 660 B.C., and the pcesent emperor it the 12] tCt of hil race. Only thirty years ago Japanese soldierg wore huge grotesque iron-mask tietmets in order to frighten the enemy. At the Royal dockyards there are three slipS adapted far the construction of battleships of the improved Dreadnought type. Officers in th« Navy who arte too particular about keeping their shi(M spotlessly clean are referred to as the spit arid polish school." Though there are no mere than 100,000 people in the Enfield police sub-division, there ha-ii not been a single charge of drunkenness for six days. The Prince of Wales has forwarded £ 100 as a Christinas gift to the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral, towards a fund for the restoration of i the fabric. William Snelling, a farm bailiff, of Stanningfield, died in Bury St. Edmunds Hospital from blood- poisoning, the result of baring been bitten by a rat. The American Consul at Malaga states that burglars and safe-blowers are unknown in Southern Spain, and that he can offer no encouragement to American aafe-makerg to attempt the.building up of a trade there. On the arrival of the Cunard liner Mauretania at Liverpool it was stated that on Christmas-eve I Mr. J. W. de Kayo, a passenger, dressed as Santa Clans, presented each child on board with a box of confections and a new sovereign, and each mother with a new half-sovereign. The gunboat Spey, which is employed as diving instructional tender to the depot tthtp Pembroke: 0 was taken into dry dock at Sheeroess for damage below the water-line to be repaired. It is thought that she struck aome on | The scheme to construct, docks at St. Just, in Falmouth Harbour, sufficiently large to berth ocean-going liners bag advanced another stage, a Bill having been lodged in Parliament to obtain i powers for the prosecution of experimental gound-j inga and borings. It ig estimated that the docks would cost £ 500,000. The Odessa Municipal Council, which has a reactionary majority, has decided to remove Count Witte's name from the town as a protest against his action as promoter.1 the constitutional rigime in Russia. The Czar. has ratified the decision of the municipal council. • > Sir Pieter Bam, senior msmber fot Capetown, has arrived in London in connection with the work of the South African National Union. The King has sent eongratnlattione to Joseph Walton, of Swadlincote, Derbyshire; the oldest miner in England, who has retired after seventy years'service. The Canadian Northern Railway Company have purchased two vessels in addition to the Cairo and the Hetiopolis for a new service between Liverpool and Canada. Innocents'-day was celebrated by a special service at Westminster Abbey. Children, many of whom travelled from the province*, formed a con- siderable part of the congregation. The Lord Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Lord Lieutenant, t^e Duke of Fife, has plaeed the name of Sir Kdfrard. W. Ftthiao on the Commission of the Peace for the county of London. The War Office authorities have granted a week- ly pension of five shillings to Mrs. Snow, widow of Gunner Snow, of the 4th LondoaBrigade Royal Field Artillery, who was killed in a motor-car accident on Salisbury Plain in August. The Queen has gent £100 to the Church Army and £ 10 each to the Distregsed Gentlefolk's Aid Association and the Omnibus Men's Saperanhuar tion Fund. Mr. Patrick Justin WByrn-e, an Irish journalist and one of the pioneers of the Home Bale move- ment, has died at his regidence. Lord Kitchener will be the guegt of the State during his visit to Sidney. A public banquet will be given in his honour and he will bold a reception at Parliament House. Nothing haa been heard of the German gteatner Capur since the left Hamburg for Genoa on De- cember 1 with a crew of twenty-three, and she has now been given up ag lost. Another section, of the railway on the Cape-fco- Cairo route, consisting of 120 mila of Use between Khartum and Wad Medani, on the Rico Mile, will be opened shortly. Authorising the City of Paris to contract a loan of £ 36,000,000 for the imbellisbmeni and the sanitary inprovement of the capital, a Bill passed the French Chamber by 368 votes to 33. Twenty-eight villager* were killed at Viana, in Navarre (Spain), by a landslide diso to. beavy rains. The crops in the Canary Islands are threatened by drought, gays the same telegram from Madrid. Several members of the Belgian royal household were appointed by the King to the Royal Vie- torian Order on the occaaion of the visit of the Duke of Connaught to Bruggels to represent his Majesty at the funeral of King Leopold. In addition to threepence, balance of a eab fare, for which the was summoned, Ifn. Kemp, 349, Oxford-street, Loimdon, was at Guildhall ordWed to pay costs amounting to 81.. 6cL, to eover among other thingg the cabman'g loss of time. In view of the forthcoming Imperial visit to St. Petersburg, the Prefect of Poliee hag issued stringent orders imposing a fine of SSW, or three I months' imprisonment, on persons arriving in St. Peterbburg who do not immediately notify the police of their arrival and their identity.








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