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USEFUL RECIPES. IRISH STEW.—Wash and peel 21b. of pota- toes, next slice an onion, and cut lib. of scrag of mutton into neat pieces; season I these Well with pepper and salt. Then pack a stewpan, first with a layer of sliced potato, then one of the meat, and next of onions, re- peating these until you have finished up the material, finishing with the potato. Now pour in half a pint of water, bring to the boil, then allow it to stew slowly for two koura. VBAL SAUSAGE.—Take equal quantities of lean real and fat bacon with a handful of eage, salt, pepper, and an anchovy. Let all be chopped finely and mixed together. Make into rolls, flour well, and fry a light.brown eolour. EXCBLLKNT CHICKEN CREAM SOUP.-Take some good chicken stock, seasoned well, Strain it; and add half its quantity in milk. Heat thoroughly, but do not allow to boil. Have ready in tureen half a pint of cream in which a well-beaten egg is stirred. Pour •oup into tureen and stir well. Serve at once with a little chopped parsley. I CHILDREN'S BREAKFAST DI^H.—Take one I egg, beat it up well. Add a little milk, a tablespoonful of flour. Mix well and make into a smooth batter. Then cut up any stale pieces of bread into any shape you like and place in batter until soaked. Have ready a place in batter until soaked. Have ready s pan with bacon liquor, and fry them both sides, a nice golden brown. NORFOLK DUMPLINGS.—Mix well one tea- spoonful of baking powder and a pinch of salt with one pound of flour., Knead to a dough with about half a pint of cold waler. Make into dumplings, and drop at once into a large pan of fast boiling, water. Put on the lid, and boil fast for twenty minutes without lifting it. Serve with a little treacle or sugar. SLICED APPLE Piic.-Line a deep pie-dish with good puff paste. Put into. this peeled, cored, and thinly sliced apples; sprinkle thickly with sugar and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice upon them. Add more sliced apple, more sugar, a little more lemon, and proceed in this way until the dish is full. Cover with a round of puff paste, pinch together the edges of the upj>cr and lower crusts, and cut several slits in the upper to allow the steam to escape. Bake in a steady oven to a golden brown, covering the pie with paper for the first ten minutes. BUTTERED ORANGES.—Take eight yolks of eggs and the whites of four, and beat them well together, then squeeze into them the juice of seven good oranges and four spoon- fuls of rosewater, and let them run through a hair sieve into a basin. Put to it half a pound of beaten sugar, set it over a gentle fire, and when it begins to thicken put in a piece of butter, about the size of a large nut- meg, and when somcv/hat thicker pour it into Q, flat china dish. Serve when cold. LIAN C ABHISS PUDDING -IAne a piedish with good short crust paste; line also the edges of the dish, and brush over with egg; beat up two eggs and half a pint of warm milk, two ounces of castor sugar, and. grated rind of one lemon; lastly, a quarter of a pound of curranta (floured and sieved).; place in rather iglow oven, and bake until quite set. Note: This pudding can be served hot or COld. POTTED CHICKEN. — Ingredients: Re- mains of cold roast chicken; to every pound allow three ounces of cooked ham iiid four ounces of butter, nutmeg, xalt and pepper, clarified butter. Method: Pass chicken and 1 ham two or three times through mincing machine, or chop them finely; then pound in a mortar till smooth, adding seasoning to taste and butter gradually., Rub through a /fine wire sieve, press into small pote, and cover contents with clarified butter. Average eost. Is. 3d. CAKES AND PUDDINGS.—No. 15. Latt week we ga"ve a cherry cake vtpvpe. We now give the recipe and method for as a GINGER PUDDING. 1 packet of CAKEOMA. » 6 ozs. of Suet (chopped fine), A pinch of salt. 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls .Ground Ginajer. 2 Eggs. A third to half a glass of Milk. METHOD. Put the dry ingredient,'? and the suet into a bowl and mix, then add the eggs (well beaten) and the milk, and thoroughly but lightly mix all together. Stean* or boil for three hours and serve hot with sweet sauce. Next week we shall give a Sweet Sauoe recipe. Cafceoma is sold only in 3id. psoketo by Grocers and Stores everywhere.