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.<1.- Wrexham Guardians and their Chaplain. HEATED DISCUSSION. The question of the chaplaincy of the Wrexham workhouse again came up for discussion on Thursday at a meeting of the Wrexham Board of Guardians. The Vice Chairman (Mr T. B. Taylor) moved that the Board proceed to the ap- pointment of a chaplain as a successor to Canon Fletcher. Mr Birkett Evans sec- onded. Considerable discussion followed in the course of which a good deal of heat was exhibited. Eventually, the Rev E. K. Jones moved as an amendment, that inasmuch as a new Board would be^ elected in three months, and as the Board was divided upon the question of the ap- pointment of a paid chaplain, the matter be postponed for four months in order' that the ratepayers might be consulted. It was all very well, he said, to say that, the salary of £ 50 came from the Imper- ial Exchequer, but all the same, if they paid that amount to a chaplain it would be a loss to the ratepayers to that extente (Cries of No, no.") Rev E. K. Jones We get £2,036 fronf- the Exchequer to pay our officials, and if we do not expend £ 50 of it on a chaplain that relieves the rates. Mr C. Morris said if they got the mon- ey for a certain purpose and used it for another that would be obtaining money under false pretences. (Hear, hear.) Mr David Davies seconded the amend- ment. Mr M. Kyffin said he was surprised at a Liberal foilowing the example of Lord Lansdowne and appealing to the people as the Rev E. K. Jones wished to do. Sir W. W. Wynn said he took it that they all knew that as guardians of the poor, they had the care of the poor peo- ple's moral and physical welfare, and he took it also the care of their souls. There- fore it ill became a body like theirs to" quibble over a few pounds, and he was- surprised at the great display of heat that was being shown. He trusted that these poor creatures, most of them at the end1 of their days, would receive proper atten- tion at the hands of the Board. It would: be a bad day indeed for this country of any district that tried to cut out the spir-, itual administration to paupers. The amendment was defeated by 38" votes to 7. The vice-chairman next moved that the Vicar of Wrexham, the Rev D. Davies, be appointed chaplain at the same terms as Canon Fietcher, viz. £ 50 per annum. Mr Birkett Evans seconded. Mr Thomas Hughes, as an amendment, moved that the salary be ^25, and Mr Richard Parry seconded. The Rev E. K. Jones said the proced- ure was quite irregular. They were pro- posing to appoint a chaplain without ask- ing for applicants. That was merely tell- ing them that there had been some work- behind the stairs. The majority of the inmates were other than Church people, and their spiritual wants were attended to' voluntarily. Why could not the Church" people do the same ? Mr E. Babb said Mr Jones was wrong"- in his statement, as there were more Church people in the house than Cathol- ics and Nonconformists. Then followed a very stormy scenef when the Rev E. K. Jones, in accordance- with a written notice he had handed in,. demanding the recording of the names.. -0 -I pressed for the same to be carried out. Loud cries of Vote by show of hands," &c., were raised, and finally Mr E. Lloyd' Jones moved that the standing orders be' suspended, and the voting be as usuaL They did not want to waste time to oblige the Rev E. K. Jones. After a protest by Mr Jones, the stand-* ing orders were suspended, and Mf* Hughes's amendmeut was put and defeat- ed by 28 votes to 15.

Wrexham Tramways.

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