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I ELECTION NEWS -----------


ELECTION NEWS NOMINATION & POLLING DAYS. The High Sheriff has intimated to the Under Sheriff that, subject to the Election Writs being received on Monday January loth, he had fixed Saturday, January 15, for the nominations for West Denbighshire and Friday, January 21St for the polling. Also Friday, January 21st for the nom- inations for East Denbighshire, and Tues- day, January 25th, for the polling. The Mayor of Denbigh, who is the Re- turning Officer for this election, has inti- mated that provision. DUKE OF WESTMINSTER AND MR LLOYD GEORGE. The Duke of Westminster, presiding on Monday night at a Unionist demon- stration at Chester, observed that, con- cerning the importance of the navy and the unity of the empire, there was noth- ing in the Chancellor oi the Excheqer's recent speeches which led them to believe that he realised their importance. Was there in Mr Lloyd George's record, par- ticularly during the Boer War, anything to show that he cared in any small degree for the vital questions such as the navy and other important matters. In that war Mr Lloyd George said that money had gone in lyddire shells and in burning homes in South Africa. The Chancellor of the Exchequer had said many bitter things about him, but his Grace did not wish to retaliate. "LET WALES LEAD THE VAN." Tqe "Genedl Gymreig" (Carnarvon) publishes a message from Mr Lloyd George to his fellow countrymen intended for the election war cry. The foHowing is a translatic,n- We are on the eve of the most im- portant battle for the British and Irish democracy since the days of the Reform Bill, and unquestionably the most im- portant Wales has ever seen. The House ot Lords blocks every pathway between Wales and its National aspirations—re- ligious liberty, control of the people's schools, temperance, land reform, and local self-government. The Lords ob- struct every legislative proposals deemed by Welsh reformers to be essential for the country's progress. Every true Welshman should arm and fight with all his forefathers' spirit. Let Wales lead the van." | CAMPAIGN THROUGH ENGLAND. Mr Uoyd George, accompanied by Mrs Lloyd George and the Revs John Williams and T. C. Williams, motored on Wednes- day to Nevin, one ot the six boroughs in his constituency, alld had a long confer- ence with thr: Li hern 1 woikers there. On Thursday he red with his workers at three other boroughs, Carnarvon, Conway. and Bangor, leaving alterwards for London, where, on Friday night at the Queen's Hdli he will attend the first of a series of thiee or four meetings in London. Afterwards he will hold meetings in the VVhst cf England, Mid- lands, and the Noiih and Eastern Coun- ties, returning to his constituency on Jan 18. The date of the poll in the Carnar- von Boroughs has been provisionally fix- ed for Jan 22. On Wednesday a meeting in support of the Chancellor's candidature was held at Criccieth, the principal speaker being Mr Ellis Davies, M.P. Before the end of the meeting the Chancellor appeared, and was given a great reception. Although not announced to speak, he addressed a few words in Welsh to the meeting. He explained that he was making a point of conferring with all his workers this week because in the present compaign he was leaving them ID fight the battle on his be- half. Up to this time he had remained in his own constituency throughout the con- test, but on this occasion he was appeal- ing to the Liberal workers in the Carnar- von Boroughs to do not merely their own share of the great work of an election campaign, but his share as well, and he was convinced that he would not appeal in vain.



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